Tuesday, April 29, 2014

scrappy modern wedding quilt is taking shape!

I had shown you some of the blocks I've made using the 'Modern Improv' method where anything goes and as a good little quilter, I'm always reminded automatically to use balance in my color and print choices. And as  you know I'm on the diet of my stash projects and getting really great feedback from locals and even received some emails from followers.

I'm busier than the beavers on the Bulkley River river right now! I have more blocks here for you to check out that are also going into the quilt.

These are orphan blocks and anyone can make a quilt like this, its the easiest quilt I've ever made, no fussing with exactness, no fussy cutting, just the simple act of modern peicing where who cares if they are all not matching, but in the big picture, its an awesome quilt in the making.

Take care, its raining and warm today in Northern BC. Thanks so much for dropping on by my little blog! I'm linking up with Stitch  by Stitch.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Women's Institute 2014 Spring Conference

If you went to search online for women's institute you might find the definition of found in wikipedia you'd read that it all started in LlanfairpwllgwyngyllAnglesey and that "It had two clear aims: to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War".

This quilt above was a project by the ladies of Sunshine Valley W.I. to commemorate 100 years of the City of Grand Forks, B.C. My grandmother was a founding member of one of the branches in in or around Chapel-en-le-frith, Darbyshire, England, I'm still on the hunt to find out this exact information. But regardless, she'd be proud of me, I'm sure!

Our annual conference was lead by our esteemed President Geneva Wiseman of Southside Branch. 

We have a minute of silence for those members who have passed on after another member reads out the accomplishments of those members.

Our world logo for Women's Institute, our motto "For Home and Country"

I shared my Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt.

Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Re-Use into gorgeous quilts goes wild

Well, you all know I love to read about or see something lovely made up from reused materials. Sheila Munro from Nova Scotia emailed a link to me and I'm so excited to see others taking the bull by the horns and reining in our lack of appreciation of quilts made from reused materials.

Now, I'm not dissing anyone, but sometimes all I read about its what is happening with new 100% cotton. So you know what I mean hopefully.

You may know of this "New to Me" blog called Quilt Inspiration and so these are some of the photos I have not gained permission to use, but I'm  not saying they are mine, they are ladies who also write for this blog I think.

Just a little taste of this great article, just check this jean inspiration here.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off the local pub to watch 'open Mike' tonight. Tootles!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A wedding quilt starts..

Earlier this month, I started making some random blocks for a wedding quilt that is due in three weeks, of course I leave it until the last minute! But here are the blocks that I'll use in this new modern wedding quilt.

And last but not least, my yellow sun crazy blocks is going into this improv quilt and I'll be doing it with free motion quilting on blocks as I create the quilt. Its my favorite way to construct a quilt and it gives me all the control to design, which is just what was requested.

And then I had to redo my Old Martha, her dress was over 25 years old and she was starting to look sad, now she is so  happy.Here she is before and after.

And the drum roll for New Martha in her new do! 

Now,she's really got to get back to work of holding all my pins!

I'm feeling fine, its springtime! Is it spring time where you are?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Earth Day Love

Crazy quilting is not for the faint of heart, that is a certainty!

You must be willing to stretch your creative muscles and do things that FEEL right to you, not anyone else. 

I don't make my crazy quilt to please anyone or to attract anyone for a sale. They are mine, simply what I love in stitching. I love to play with stitches, like a cowboy with a lariat. 

 I'm building, growing and listening to my life. Its saying to me, let it go and be free. So these special, delightful bundles are going up for sale soon.

The hot new color for 2014 and I'm locating some delicious satin and velvet I have in these colors. Its a bold color that has been in clothing for decades, funny how that is, its now hot!

 I enjoy the give and take of reclaimed fabric with "life" in it. Its for a beginner to start with of an experienced crazy quilter to really get into the whole art of crazy quilting.

I do speak about the joy of doing something artistic and creative with your own hands using vintage cloth that was milled right on this continent a hundred years ago, back when we really supported the many thousands of workers who made bolts of new fabric and paid their bills in a good way by showing up for work at a North American mill! 

This little box is left to the open air of the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District landfill in New Hazelton. I see fabric!

This landfill could the so much more, but it takes money and population to help improve this spot.

In the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako, in Telkwa we have a really nice Re-Use Shed and the people that use it regularly are always packing stuff away when the articles are under cover. It just make so much sense and it save the landfill by the articles that are reused from filling it up sooner than required.

Judy's awesome 'Gee's Bend Style" is so proud and so she should be, she used up sheets and clothing to make this quilt, yahoo!

Ah, yes the good old days before we didn't realize what we were doing with the raw pollution that many times was dumped directly into our rivers and oceans. Now, most of the brand new fabric is printed off shore in some other country where we won't see the pollution. We are consumers and we often just buy what's right in front of us, is attainable and we've the high cost of living to be able to buy it. Am I right, do you hear the story in this post?

 New 100% cotton fabrics to me are not yet "old enough" or a mature enough in vintage, to go into a Carli's Style Crazy Quilt. My high school Home Economics teacher would have been proud of me. She was frugal!

Being frugal isn't a bad thing. Its actually a good thing for our Mother Earth. "How are you going to recycle it?" should be the question we ask of each and every purchase we make. If we have too much, are we are therefore preventing someone else from enjoying the creative spirit of quilting?

Do our grandmothers and great grand mothers approve our over indulgence in fabric etc. of quilting today? I'm glad that my Grandmother Sara Hudson isn't alive to see such waste. 

And such inequality between those who have money and those who don't? 

This simple, but so warm and toasty to snuggle under, this quilt is going to become a pattern. If you'd like one of these new patterns, let me know with a comment. Happy Earth Day!

I don't have a more recent photo of how this quilt. Sorry followers, but its coming soon.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little beads and birds

I've been so busy with learning about beading that my time has gone by happily with nice walks in the springtime, since my last epidural, my back is really been very quiet in the pain department. Yahoo for that!

I've been having a blast learning how to bead effectively! Enjoy and Happy Easter to all my followers across the world.

All the best,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Reuse Confession" Winner! & More parcels!

Hello new friends and followers ~ Welcome to my blog where I'm talking harvesting!

I asked the question " What do you do to reuse by making anything from a portion of the whole of an article of clothing.

It was my  hope that more folks might admit this fact by helping our fragile blue planet? And some did for sure. I thank you all ladies for your honesty!

I was really pleased to hear all the comments left by these engaged women from around the world.

I put the names in my husbands cap and he picked our winner who is Emily Carnes!!

She wrote this comment as quoted below:

"Yay! I am so glad to read this post! I just posted last night about my "new" sweater that I got from my friend who re-purposes wool sweaters into new sweaters and "sweater-dresses". Every time I read the words recycle, upcycle, and repurpose, it makes me happy. We truly do have so much excess, and after all, repurposing worn out clothing and other fabrics is the origin of quilt-making! I would love to be a part of this conversation. It may even inspire me to finish up my hexagon baby quilt that was made out of 100% salvaged materials, most of them flowery tops, and a brown cotton skirt. Your monkey wrench wall quilt is fabulous - is the monkey wrench block the same thing as a churn dash? I'm still learning about these things._"

I'm so pleased it turned out to be someone in my own province. Yahoo for parcels in the mail. Emily, I'll pop this into the mail next day I'm in a town, which is Friday, April 11.

Don't you just love getting parcels in the mail??

Friday, April 4, 2014

Appreciation for Followers Giveaway!

Cloud 9 Fabrics is one fabric manufacturer who seems to  have a great talent at picking awesome collections and they specialize in organic cotton. This one is a unique bundle that I bought a few years ago, so I'm sorry that its dated now, but what the heck, new fabric if new fabric, am I right? When I buy fabric I buy organic cotton, because I know the standard are set up to promote growers NOT using pesticides in the growing of the cotton and the milling, manufacturing has other standards to eliminate the less than desirable chemical use.

I've made several with these fat quarters and I love the way they feel to hand quilt afterwards. So soft and seem to be just the right density for smooth hand quilting.

 Here in this way I've made the Monkey Wrench block into a really earthy feeling small wall quilt!

What you have to do to enter this giveaway is make a comment on my Facebook page here. I'm listed as Caroline Heinrichs, Telkwa, B.C Canada, not Good Earth Quilting. I'm not a super serious business and I've got my family and friends contacts on my page, for you know its a nice introduction to my other life.

The second way you can do enter is to leave me comment answering this question. No shoot! I want to give this the most ardent of recycler, tell me what you think about this notion of re-purposing and reusing, I want to know if you're one of those people who have actually made something from recycled materials?

This way, any one of you who isn't on Facebook can enter your thoughts on environmentally responsible quilting, even you are not interested in being on Facebook, I understand :) 

As you know if you have check out my blog, I've written a bunch on reusing etc of the over 269 posts I've written on the subject. Then you know something about me. You know I've gotten quite vocal about it right?
I love quilting, stitching and beading and all of it, but we have absolutely tons all over the world that can and should be recycled, reused or re-purposed and I want to know how other people feel about it?

So you know I'm not a hypocrite or something? I buy  new fabric, but not this year because I'm participating with Fabriholics Anonymous We could start sharing our various ideas of how to recycle anything and everything we consume. I'm not a nutter, I'm just asking what you think?

This little  quilt is made re-purposed clothing from 100% cotton and the organic fabrics from Miscellany from Cloud 9 Fabrics.

 If you are new to this blog and you already have made some stuff from repurposed fabric and blogged about it. I'd like to know about anyone doing anything to reuse, OK, lets link up and stay in touch, OK?

I'm looking for quilters and crafters who wouldn't mind having their blog exposed on my very popular blog through profile questions that I'd email you.

carlithequilter @ gmail.com

Now recycling to me is not using up "new scraps, that are rotary cut strips of left-overs from project in new fabric" from  your friend OK?

Its actually material that is mined from clothing, if you are actually mining and harvesting reusable cloth from article of clothing, you'll know what I mean and want to follow me.

Its time we started this very important conversation, are you in? So if you believe you want to begin this conversation say so by leaving me comment on either my Facebook page and this blog post for twice the entries into this giveaway. Remember if you are a no-reply blogger, leave your email address or I can't reach you.

Take care and say your piece on reusing, please?


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Appreciation Day for Followers

Spring is here!!

I wanted you to see this cute bed sized quilt which I purchased from EBay several years ago, its kind of like Easter already. I'll actually take it outside and get a full size photo really soon, its awesome polyester fortrel crazy quilt.

This is where I've been spending a bunch of time with patterns finally getting done.

I have an interesting reuse project going on that is going to be a pattern this spring. You can see the snow we still have on the ground.

My gloxinia is blooming again and I'm slowly making some progress on my summer campfire purple poncho that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

And this is only photo I can share of a little table runner project that a friend of mine needing finishing.

That's all for now, working on my CQA Spring block. That post is up next!

All the best to you my faithful readers, and I've got something special coming up as I crest over the top to 100 followers!! This is really soon, keep posted by following me and joining up in the Fat Quarter bundle of Miscellany from Cloud 9 Fabrics. I'll draw the bundle on Sunday April 6th, so get busy and follow me :)

I'm linking up with our Canadian stitching online space The Needle & Thread Network and the WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced. 

Yahoo, its spring time!

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my share time with all of you!


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