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Twenty Four Chapters

This is the first of twenty four posts in this anniversary year of writing Good Earth Quilting. This special year of 2017 is Canada's 150th Birthday! That makes this a wonderful year to celebrate why I started writing a blog in the first place. Its been ten years since I started sharing online by writing my thoughts, my processes and methods even, to an open door of further creativity.  We, who do share blog posts are "passing along our culture" our way of doing things. If we were back in the Cave Dweller Days, we'd be hulking around the edges of a fire, seeing new angles and uses of the new discovery with wary eyes.  Much like Boo Boo in this photo below. Geese are strongly committed to their flock and its not just for other fowl, for Boo Boo this includes people he loves too. This process started me thinking about it in a searching kind of way. I wanted to promote reuse and recycling of textiles into quilts in an effort to educate about the to