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Crazy Quilts for Outdoor Play

You know sometimes, I get so excited about making a quilt that I completely forget to eat. I always drink lots of water though and that's a good thing. But today I want to focus on the children learning outdoors. Yes, not in a school classroom or stuffy building, but in the fresh air, learning how to become competant in using tools and experiencing the learning first hand, not only from a book. I support the work of Muddy Boot Prints in Vancouver.  and its my pleasure to make some sturdy, down to earth hard working, pulled through the dirt by littles and loved by all. These quilts are constructed fairly easy beginner style. They can be made using hand stitching or machine stitching. They are truly scraps with no real plan except to use them up and make an outdoor quilt from moving blankets. Simply easy to do and the kids love them, the staff loves them and they are washable to the nines! This has become my go to quilting to do by hand while watching A