Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday David Suziki

Today, its an awesome sunny spring day in the Bulkley Valley of BC. 

I'm having a great day and wanted to share with you. On CBC today they are talking about the environmental movement in BC and our relationship online, on TV and in person with David Suziki. I'm never met him, but I don't have meet him, to understand that what I'm doing, I know he'd support.
I grew up watching and teaching my children through his CBC TV series "The Nature of Things" and most recently his CBC radio program, "The Bottom Line" and its his 75th birthday today and I wish him well.

I have  been empowered, inspired and renewed by his vigilance and so I've become vigilant in regards to fibers, fabric, cloth and inspiring others to reuse as much as possible in this beautiful hobby of quilting. Here are a few examples of what I'm doing, teaching about and hoping that more quilters get on board.
These photos are just a few things that I've remembered to get photos of before giving them away as gifts or selling them at Farmer's Markets. You can too! If you hear of a workshop in your town about reusing retro fabric and the instructor's is named Carli Heinrichs, then you've found one of my workshops. I'm updating all my workshops for the Eco-Crazy Quilter website.

In my workshops I teach exactly how to find, harvest, decide on how to properly prepare the fabrics for blending in found, donated, reused and new fabrics to make awesome quilts, bags, bracelets, hats and more, that could take you to a winning item, just like the photo of my "Silver Linings Crazy Quilt" above. Which I won "Most Innovative" at the IPM and Quilt Show & Competition in 2004. I was surprised and pleased and excited all at once. I won the great flexible hand quilting hoop that is being used in the photo of the log cabin quilt above.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

T-Shirts in Quilts?

Absolutely Yes!

T-Shirts are fine to put into quilts as long as they are in good shape and you are willing to work with stretchy fabric, simply adding a light stabilizer onto the back of each T-shirt logo is key.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuscan Summer Cushion

This is an example that is in a private collection here in the Bulkley Valley. This started out me rummaging through all sorts of bins of fabric from my stash. I found the pink first, but thought it was a little too bright for more of it than is seen. I used about 5x3 piece altogether of the pink satin. I found this pink satin in a box of garage sale stuff that I bought for $5 several years ago.  
Then I went to burgundy prints of various rayon chunks from clothing, as you can see in the bottom left and right, then some new earthy 100% cotton fabric as if it belonged as well, deep crush green velvet, mauve brocade top left and second shade of lilac top right and burgundy lace, plus the awesome plaid cotton shirt that went into the center of this design. 
Then I started playing with my embellishment stash to find the slim white lace bottom left, just a quick zig zag and made a ruched light salmon colored flower bottom left. I attached all the embellishments just before I started all the hand embroidery. I cut a small black 100% felted wool heart and placed it right into the center of the pink satin as it was still speaking too loud in the piece.
I do mostly combination stitches, I've learned how to make from Carol Samples book The Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches. I also have several other books that sometimes have a stitch that needs to take its place in history in one or another piece of my work.

Quick Quilt for Fun

 I used new fabric for the rectangle backgrounds and then recycled for the hearts. Fuse a stabilizer to the back of your hearts and carry on. Simple and you've just done your first project reusing cloth from clothing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

UFO #2 My Secret Garden

This unique quilt was at first a fund raiser for CQA/ACC and with it came the unique choice of subtle muted natural colors. I believe they were a collection for Robert Kaufmann, but I'm not sure.

I'm editing and adding to this post because there is a new calendar call for Crazy Quilter's Quarterly online magazine for 2016 called "My Secret Garden"

This little quilt is 36 inches square

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