Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bulkley Valley Fall Fair Fun

We're having such a great time at the Bulkley Valley Fall Fair where we have set up our booth. Organic quilting cotton is offered for the first time in the valley. Dr. Suess's The Lorax is poignant and timely for all of us. We just had to share with you this awesome glossy paper dress made by Jessie of Barb's Bodacious Boutique. Nola, my partner in crime is showing off Dr. Suess panels that would make an awesome fast quilt or soft book for your little ones.
Lennie, another local quilter came by the booth to share us her new block, really cute and we're going to try it out! Free motion machine quilting is offered as a demo today at the fair. Come on down!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Telkwa Weekend Stitcher's

You know, sometimes it just good to get together and play with fabric. Many of my friends agree. Some of my friends are pictured here with their quilts from a quilting weekend a few years ago, but  had not posted anything about it. What's with that, Carli?
The first photo is Joanne with her crazy pieced quilt. Great idea to take the 'crazy star' and make it really crazy in her original style.
 Nancy's quilt is part of the Round Robin exchange we did that year. We each started with a 12.5 in. block and sent along one prominent fabric and Nancy's quilt turned out really awesome. Her theme was Winter.
 I was the instigator of the RR and so talking about it here, with the Telkwa Mayor's wife in the photo, I'm talking about how RR's can be done, swap blocks, swap rows, swap all sorts of things. My quilt is in the theme of Country Cabin. I'll post a better photo of this one now its all finished in another blog.
 Joanne's lovely "Crazy Blue" for her husband I think turned out so lovely, Joanne was one of my first and more prolific crazy quilting student.
 Judy's wonderful, warm flannel quilt was thick and will be a toasty warm quilt for winter, I think she was tying this quilt on this weekend.
 Janet's quilt she has  hand quilted and I think this quilt was for someone special as a wedding gift. Really nice beachy kind of colors.
 Carol's quilt here is not really represented well in this photo, those blocks are all batik's and lovely, fast pattern as well I hear.
Then here are the Round Robin participants with our tops ready for quilting! I'm really tickled with seeing so many original quilts, not those from a pattern. Patterns are great, but its  so nice to see the ideas of each person come through in the overall design of round robin exchanges. It challenges you and then you grow too!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kaffe Fassett, Daisy Jane and Cloud9 Fabric Cotton Give Away

 I'm in a quandary! I just can't choose from these backgrounds of organic cotton for the placement of my new Dresden Plate Flowers. As you know I'm all about 'blending' old and new, modern and traditional, ugly or bright and now I need help! 

I won't tell you my favourite, but then again I have other favourites, so help me out?

Please me know what you think? Is your choice the brown pin dot, the brown, the turquoise or the orange cotton?
You could also forward this request to anyone you know who's a quilter, its more fun with more people participating and giving me the help I need?

For each and every comment that is posted, your entry goes into the random generator for a lovely bundle of 5 Fat Quarters of both certified organic cotton from Daisy Janie and Cloud9 Fabric and Kaffe's flowery fabric. You can earn a second entry by linking this blog request with your Facebook and/or Twitter and then returning to my blog and placing a second entry by telling me about it.

This contest is between August 16 and Sept 1, 2011. Thanks for your help! It means a lot to me!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nelson Waldorf School Days Quilt

This little quilt was made from the left over fabric that was used to make a fund raising quilt for the Nelson Waldorf School. We had the pleasure of experiencing the school first hand when our son attended Gr 9 at the school. I was lucky enough to be hired to work in Gr. 5 class as Special Education Assistant.
We had to move while the school was selling the raffle tickets and we have not been  back to Nelson to see this quilt hung in the daycare foyer. If you are interested in Waldorf style learning, then for sure, a visit to any Waldorf School would be interesting and so natural.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dresden Plate Fan evolving

I've been going crazy with making my favorite hand work project-Dresden Plate Fans. I take along my special camera bag that includes this wicker basket. I keep all the important things in there for "Road Stitching"

These fans are going into a new quilt soon! Have you tried taking "Road Stitching" projects along where ever you travel? Drop me a comment. I love to hear from the many folks who are passing through my blog. Say hello?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pay It Forward- Sharing, Leave a Comment

I found the Pay It Forward on Ivona's blog from Serbia I think. Anyway, its about helping to share our special parts of this wonderfully huge world of quilting and crafting. Pay it forward is a way to get people participating with actual sharing, so here goes! As you can see I'm quite capable of coming up with something really well made and nice to have!

1. You must leave a comment on my blog. The first five comments on this blog will be contacted and I'll send you something fun that I like to make. No guarantee's of what it is, but most likely a funky pin cushion.
2. You must have a blog, so we can link up afterwards.
3. No time limits beyond the item I make for you is in your hot little hands before the year ends.
4. You must post the Pay It Forward logo on your blog and promise to share it forward from your blog. Go ahead, think of something funky you'd love to just give away!
It might be a  bag or an apron or whatever you love to make. Just share!

So go ahead,  browse through my posts and leave me a comment on this post and I'll be in touch!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Ways to Make Fun, Fast Quilts

 A while back, I posted about this technique that I'd discovered right around the time I became aware of Kathryn Schmidt who wrote "Rule Breaking Quilts" I had taken to seeing what was possible. I'd been experimenting with cutting strips first, then slicing those up into various sizes and shapes.
This table runner is made so fast with a tutorial coming up soon to Quilters Gallery, where I show how it went for me, using Kathryn's technique.

 I have a new line of quilting patterns going to market soon, all will be POD ( Print On Demand) for those who enjoy escaping from the quilt police. I am only a prisoner of my own mind. I can step out of the box and so can you.
 I like the aspect of cutting strips, sewing then recutting. These kinds of fast techniques give me air to my wings. I love discovering new techniques, processes of construction for quilts and playing with these ideas can lead to all sorts of fun!

I use 100% organic cotton in all my products now and so glad that I've managed to make the choice for safer alternative to 100% cotton. Its time for me to choose organic cotton as I already use organic hemp/cotton and now the organic prints available are just outstanding. I'm coming up on being a Grandma and I'm so glad that all those crafters, fashion designers and growers have persevered with sticking with growing organic when most of the market was elsewhere, living and not yet learning of the benefits of using organic cotton.
I have another listing of hemp/cotton quilt on my etsy shop site that is fairies and recycled labels. You might like to check it out too!
I stock some of the Shades of Grey line from Daisy Janie.

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