Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carli's Adventures

Hello to all my faithful followers. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your following little old me. 

As you may have learned else where, Google Reader is about to disappear.

This means that if you want to continue following me and I certainly hope you do want to continue learning about  my various adventures! 

So on my side  bar, you'll see an 
"follow me via email" box, click on this and add your email address to it and soon you'll see my posts in your email address inbox.

Do add your email address, I don't have any way of knowing those email addresses.
  • You will have the opportunity to become engaged with the community's of Northern BC and and the women I'll be teaching. New friends of similar interests can be found.
  • New ideas can be exchanged with friends new to quilting, sewing and embroidery.
  • You'll see the various communities I visit from my blog postings.
  • Classes online will be available to blog followers at a special price.
So what are you waiting for?

Lots of new friends and learning opportunities!

All the best,


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Help! Steelhead Fishing Haven for sale and a giveaway

Spring and summer, all at once has arrived in the Bulkley Valley. In this photo, I'm sitting in my living room looking out onto our back lawn. Our two storey workshop/rugged shop party place and huge upper storage area sits resting beside the Bulkley River. 

We have decided to move to Terrace, B.C. and we're hoping that you might like to help us? Rick is my #1 handy man, dinner maker and house husband! He's keeping our property looking lovely.

And you remember in an earlier post of the broken dish mosaic I did on the kitchen back splash?

Not to mention the awesome Dresden Plate quilt I did?

My favorite thing to do is to crazy quilt! 

Its part of my DNA I believe. Its so relaxing, creative and attention grabbing, why wouldn't anyone do crazy quilting? I know, its all that fussy, irregular, not precise bit of the work, right? We all have our 'things' that we do love and no one really gets it outside of another crazy quilter!

 The living room window is wide open and its warm outside and cool inside! I'm working on another completion soon. I'm not sure if I'll put them all together or make into separate pieces?

 Leave me a comment, its my  birthday and I am giving away a special fat quarter of green velvet from my stash, just perfect for any crazy quilted project!

What do you think? Together or separate? 

That's all for now, back to stitching!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Garage Sale Saturday!

Garage sales are fun, they provide a welcome little look into a person's life. You are laying out things that were once important.

And the rain didn't stop anytime soon. More tarps just went up and the wind played havoc with our tarps.

The puddles grew larger. By 8 am, we were wondering what kind of a dismal display of 'garage salers' would even come by. We are located 31 km's from Smithers and this is a long way to go.

But people came and laughed and talked, lots of stuff went off our property.

Lucky for us, our karma swarmed with interest in both our garage sale items and our property. It was awesome fun to give away things, just because and to accept a lower price just  because you knew they couldn't afford anything more.  :) You know?

Its not always about how much money is made from your garage sale!

Its about community, talking, joking, selling to friends and letting things go.
Letting the past wash away into the future. Let go of memories of losses and gaines and learning.

Renewal is such an aphrodisiac. Taking a strong look at where you are and where you want to be is simply refreshing.

OMG, I here U2 in the  background! I'm not  being sappy, but you know when you are called up?

Called up to invest, to share and teach. You go!

Sharing is so much fun!

Everyone should have the same access to quality instruction. No matter where they live or how isolated their community might be, we all deserve to be able to see new ideas expressed in textiles and more.

These are just some of the thoughts I had during our garage sale, which was very successful, we parted company with all sorts of things that we didn't use anymore and we're one step closer to my dream job.

Next posting "My Dream Job"

Take care, thanks for popping in and visiting. Oh, my I need a new cup of tea!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Faces and Places

Last weekend we took a well deserved break, driving out to Terrace all prepared for a camping weekend. It was really nice, relaxed and I even got to do a little machine embroidery at the Embroidery Club at Northern Vacuum and Sewing. I arrived on Friday, the ladies had already been going for two days! I say its almost like a retreat, but not quite, like a quilting gathering but not quite that either. It was fun and so much experience in the room! The ladies were busy with their own projects!

I got this much done!
These solid color chunks of 100% cotton are from my friend Pam at Mad About Patchwork!

As you can see, I'm learning about stabilizer's, they are very important with machine embroidery. I am sure that I could have asked "The Ladies" for help choosing, but thought I had the right stuff. Learning is the natural flow of life.  I see these kittens, panda and rabbits in something fun very soon. I'm not concerned that they are perfect! I left at the end of the day, with a few things accomplished, some learning under my belt and I was off to camping we went!

My husband playing sweet music to the sound of sparrow and other birds in the lush coastal forest campground of Ferry Island in Terrace, B.C. We were having this kind of night, really grooving along, when I suddenly I had to throw up! It wasn't a drink style of evening, it must have been food and where did I eat lunch? I was completely done in and went to sleep before 9 pm after everything was wrung out of me. We slept so well with the rain pouring throughout the night. ( My hubby told me anyway!) I was so dead to the world that I didn't even wake up once. 

My vision of sleeping with my honey, in the camper, in the rain didn't quite pan out like I had thought!
(Sorry for the !! so many times) It just seemed right....

Then the next morning, we got up and I was no worse for wear, so I figured right then, it was food poisoning that ruined my evening. I ate a very light breakfast and my husband happily wolfed down bacon and eggs. We went for a nice long walk on the pathways of the Ferry Island Campground. Terrace municipality runs this parklike campground. 

The walk is soothing and suddenly you spot one face, in a tree, carved in exquisite detail.

 You become a curious visitor when you look even more carefully to see another face carved in a cottonwood tree.

 They go on and on, beyond where we decided to turn around and start the 3.5 hr back home. 

This romantic and earthy place is great for joggers, family's with toddling 2 yr.olds and dogs love this pathway with all the aromatic scents only a dog can pick up filling their nostrils.

Its like the Amazon river forest. Peaceful and filled with birds songs like a chorus! If you are ever in Terrace, B.C. please do check this out.

My husband looks like he's at home, a retired biologist loves to walk in the forest! With an agenda! Yeh for his retirement from the province earlier this year. We are kidless and footloose and fancy free so to speak, got to love this time!

Rusty really loves walks as you can tell. Me too!

Thanks for popping in and reading what I've written today. Let me know what you think of this story.  Would you like more about our lovely Northwest B.C. Where the white Kermode Bear wonders along Highway 16 about two weeks ago.

May 25th, 2013 I officially handed over "The SC Quilt" over to the mayor and council of the Town Smithers. It was a very proud moment, lots worry, anxiety, wonder and joy created this quilt. 

Our young Mayor, Taylor Bachrach holds it from the very right side corner.

Have a great day!

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