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QWI Quilt Workshop Oct 15th

You'll never know what happens with this fast block technique and that was evident at this workshop! It was so much fun. These are the colors that I picked out from my stash and one of my students didn't have the right amount of Fat Quarters. So it worked our perfectly! See the variations achieved in one class. What fun it is and so versatile. I love to see photos from anyone anywhere that has tried my technique. email me, please, see my profile for email details.  This my technique "Slicing and Dicing" found on Quilting Gallery  This fast and easy block is something that once anyone has learned it can be transferred to hundreds of different variations and would make an awesome WI Fun Raiser for any  branch! If you'd like to have a professional quilter come and teach a class for your branch, please leave a comment on this blog or "follow" this blog to learn more about my classes. Denise (below) was very careful as s

Stash n' Organic Vintage Quilt

I am digging into my stash and finding sultry vintage fabrics, solid colors and soft pretty petal styles of fabric to go with this collection. I have an awesome new pattern on the drawing sheet! This is what got me excited; imagine these fabrics together in one quilt?  These lovely fat quarters are what I've been waiting for to arrive. Its a great little bundle from Miscellany. I've got some ideas, like maybe pinwheels or applique something? I work with the pattern in my head & on paper until I'm ready to proceed! What do these selections make you think? But then I think piecing might be just the cat's meow for these and the vintage fabrics I'm picking out. Its the start of a brand new idea and you never know for sure until you are well into it as to whether you've got something special. I use snippets of the prints and copy them into my pattern. See if I like it, see if it does it for me, then I send it out to my girl friends for

Snow Town Folk New Quilt Pattern

Everything has a start and this is a little story about how I came to be making a new quilt pattern. The pattern is called "Snow Town Folk" and it will be available until the new year by subscription to Quilters Connection Magazine. I was busy hand quilting my sons graduation quilt back in 2007.  You know, I was really busy, the winter was long and hard and I made some notes, a few drawings and then put it aside. I was working at the time, so little time to create anything. I continued to hand quilt my sons graduation quilt.   Then as 2010 began, I was was rethinking my future, where was I going to be in ten years kind of reflecting! You know what I mean? I'm sure that all of us do this once in a while.  Anyway, I began playing with what fabrics I'd use and you know I love to blend wool with cotton, velvet with silk and so on. I located the reuse wool selections in my stash and it kind of grew from there. I plugged away, measuring, dreaming and writi

Start of the Frankenstien Halloween quilt!

Thanks so much for following me. I'm a nut for new ideas and I'm fast becoming a convert of and her lovely paper pieced designs. I stumbled upon Sonya, the gal behind the designs about a year ago.   I like her designs because they are very different! I was so tired of the usual flowers and geometric one or the cutesy ones. I instantly liked her style and you know what? Her designs are coming out in the Nov/Dec Issue of Quiltmaker. Her quilt I think is called Winter Critters.  In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on how this turns out!

15 quilts in a Day

I achieved a measure of performance this past summer that my business counselor would be proud of. I was organized, ready to learn more and then realised I didn't have any proper signage for the booth. It was two days before the fall fair event.We were really pushed for time with opening dates for the fair, just around the corner. We had everything organized when I realised my business sign was still unresolved. This is how I came to be in this pickle. I had asked a local wood signmaker to make me a wood sign for my business. She agreed and I carried on with custom quilt making and organic cotton retailing. This was way back in July and when I went by her house in early August, she had  been away, had forgotten all about making the sign and was going away again! I swallowed hard, thanked, told her it was my fault that I hadn't followed up on her earlier. I'm glad now that it happened. Otherwise I'd not have made 15 quilts in one day.  I decided on Dr. Sue

Three Hour Fast Block Magic! Tutorial

1.    Start with 5 fat quarters, one the focus fabric, 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.(Two Hour Table Runner Part One) 2.    Layer the FQ’s face up, 1 st light fabric, 1 st dark fabric, focus fabric, 2 nd light fabric, 2 nd dark fabric.(Step two photo) 3.    Make only 4 vertical cuts with rotary cutter across and through all layers of the FQ’s. Make these cuts off on any any that is workable for sewing together fast, try to vary the width of each cut, this is where it gets very individual. (Step 3 photo) 4.    Start with the far left stack of slices: ·       Take 1 top slice and move it to the bottom of the 1 st stack. ·       Moving to the right always, take 2 top slices and move to the bottom of 2nd stack. ·       Take 3 top slices and move to the bottom of 3 rd stack. ·       Take 4 top slices and move to the bottom of 4 th stack. ·       5 th stack, leave whole.(step 4 photo) Tip: You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if you can see one