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Door Prize Delight!

Charlene is a sweetie, she is so enthused by all the crafting going on in the Bulkley Valley. She was our lucky winner of our door prize for our 1st. Annual Re-Crafting Fair on Feb 9th.  Her name was picked out of the hat and when I called her, she immediately said she was going to have me do a special t-shirt quilt for her son, Billy. So I started. By sewing down sashing on the sides as seen below to start attaching the same size  blocks throughout this t-shirt quilt.   The finished quilt hung in my woodshed. If you haven't made a t-shirt quilt, there are several different ways you can make a t-shirt quilt. I had the instructions for this quilt "It can't be too girly, its for my son and he's a skier" so this quilt became my opportunity to get to know Billy a little more. But I knew that some fun had to be instilled into these manly quilt despite the  need for a handsome quilt.  So I made the borders something special. This o

Centennial Progress is Sweet- Flying Geese Tutorial

Sometimes you feel like your crawling along with so little progress. You know what I mean don't you? Then this past weekend I had two days off work and my mind, body and soul was in 'quilting' mode. But then my hubby reminded me had a trip to town to take care of and it wasn't until 2:30 we were home. My heart was sinking with the feeling like I'd never finish this mega centennial thinga-ma-jig quilt. I was on a rant! I am not angry or anything, just impatient. Suddenly, I had to retreat, go to my 'woom' and settle into a nice little rythum and all would be well again. And I did get into a nice little rythum. The pieced black/grey prints that form the background are good to do, they require patience and allowed me to get into a good rhythm.   So the "Flying Geese' blocks were coming along nicely and the bonus of my flying geese is always the triangle corners become a half triangle pieced block too! I always draw a second line and

Crokinole Anyone?

Do you play Crokinole ? I do and I've been playing against my hubby for 28 years and recently had a moment to remember. I beat my hubby in a game to 100 points. I have the evidence here! He's the king of Crokinole no sad... As you can see, my men are black colored and this is the last shot, I've got six men on board to his two legal ones, the white men on the far left is touching the line, so its a gonner! We love to play this and my hubby says that I'm the best Crokinole player next to him and one other friend. So that is an honor because Rick, my hubby began playing Crokinole early in his childhood growing up in a Mennonite family, lots of family gatherings and lots of Crokinole. Just sharing and grinning from ear to ear!!

Needle and Thread Network-Did You Know?

My story as quirky as my life is with such a focus as quilting in my life, I'm so overwhelmed with the kind comments, the new followers and to be featured anywhere is such an honor! As you all know by now, the SCQP has been the main focus of my work over the past year. But I love to take a little break and do something that is well, how should I say, less taxing on my brain, my skill and not so stressful with real deadlines! So when my good friend and Bulkley Valley neighbor won the door prize at our recent 1st. Annual Re-Crafting Fair, I jumped at the opportunity to make a T-Shirt quilt. Here's a few shots of the progress so far. While these photos are not my best, you get the idea of the new techniques I'm using to finish a T-Shirt Quilt. If you've not ever made a t-shirt quilt, there are no mysteries  here, its straight forward with cutting the logo's back and front simultaneously in 12.5 inch or 16 inch blocks.  Notice the quilting