Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crazy Quilting Give Away Winners!

Crazy Quilting is a slow kind of quilting if you do the embellishment by hand. As you know, I'm an avid fisher-person and I need to have "Take Along" projects ready for this summer! I was re-inspired again. I had began sorting through the various bins of my 'special CQ stash" after I decided that I'd send a Crazy Quilting scrap bag kit of fabrics to the four winners of the recently posted "Crazy Quilting Giveaway"

The winner's color choices were:
  • Blue and cranberry
  • Jewel tones-blues, greens, purples
  • pink
  • deep blue and purple

 My choices were as varied as a peacock display and it was hard to try and hit these requested colors choices. 

I learned a bunch of things about myself in this process. I love deep dark and mysterious colors and textures for my crazy quilting stash. When I checked out the difference for my new stash I found the same. This photo above describes how best my choices are as varied as the quilters I hang with!

I did finally choose the varied amounts which I think are more than enough to make a 16 inch pillow cover in crazy quilting

But uncharacteristically, I didn't take a photo of all of the mailed parcels!! Ugh! I blew that one, but I did get two of the parcels that are mailed out to my followers.

If you would like to follow my blog tutorials on crazy quilting, quilting with reused cloth and new techniques with modern fabric, they are starting May 1, 2012

Thanks for reading and following my blog. Without the kind interest of all of you I wouldn't be so inspired to create the things I love!

Helping me further,  as a itinerant quilt art teacher is a choice you can help me with. How you can help me; is to forward a link to my blog in an email invitation to your quilting friends who you think might be interested in my kind of quilt art.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have you heard? Cloud9 Fabrics is hosting a Giveaway

I'm sure if you are aware, but some of the fabric that I'm using in my studio is from Cloud9 Fabrics. Without a doubt it is the texture of this organic cotton that I love and the colors and designs are stupendous.

I made this Sea and Sand last year with mostly Cloud9 Fabric organic prints and organic solid cotton. This quilt is one of my upcoming tutorials. Its very easy and goes together in a flash.

 I am a firm believer in using only organic cotton. It just makes sense to me that a certified organic standard cotton is the best to use. 
For more information on why they are eco-friendly, click on the link below.

I really love the Miscellany collection of Cloud9 Fabrics.
 I made this lovely little table runner with a Fat Quarter pack.

Then when I heard that my husband's office was needing a donation item for their annual fundraising efforts for good causes in the community, I made this baby quilt.

This quilt raised I think almost $700 for their cause and I was really pleased when a co-worker of my husbands won it. I mixed the Nature Walk series with some vintage cotton.

I have used this lovely print from their Across the Pond collection in one of my slice and dice projects. Some the slice and dice has gone into my Pipeline Quilt Art quilt that I'm working on currently.

My studio has a supply of organic fabrics available. Call me before coming out.

But the best part of this post is the giveaway from Cloud9 Fabrics. I put my two cents worth in and I encourage you to do the same. I'd love to get my hands on some Alegria collection.

All the best,


Linky Tuesday- Modern Pipeline Quilt Art

Hello followers and those who pop in to visit my blog. Welcome to my blog, Blended Fabric Quilts. I'm a passionate, addicted to quilting artist living in Northwestern BC, Canada.

I'm really happy to link up with Quilting on the River's blog and hope to do more. My time is stretched and if you blog and work and have a life, you'll know its not always easy. But this is how I keep my postings up to date and easy to fit into my life. I'm not a blog professional or anything, but I try to keep things simple and these work for me. I hope they help you too!

Writing Blog Content Tips

1. I prepare my postings in advance, save the content on word, set up the proper photos in an electronic file and then its easy to pop online, load up my content and away we go. I can't load up the whole document to my blog email and then leave it. My satellite internet will time out and then I'm hooped.

2. I have fallen hard for modern quilt art. I admit it, since I've discovered the wonderful world of modern quilts, I've not looked back and I must admit, I'm so distracted by "modern" quilting my older  unfinished quilting projects are having to scream really loud to get my attention. But enough of this gabbing and onto the photos which are so important to a good blog post. Great photos!

I thought I'd show you my artistic view of myself. I am by nature a curious and carefree artist. I once made my living painting oil paintings on Stanley Park walkway in Vancouver B.C. I was pretty broke, in my early 20's traveling at the time and stayed for awhile in a youth hostel, I made enough money to move on.

This is me, today, this self taken photo is in my studio and I used to play with the image and I found I really like the cartoonistic approach.

But as the day slips away and the sun  has warmed my garden, the robins are chirping and I'm eager to get out in the garden again. So I thought you'd find this photo interesting. This is the end result of my labor and fresh air in the garden.

So this is some of what I'm working on, its going to be a new piece for an upcoming public exhibition in Smithers, BC on June 2 at the local  high school. The exhibition is called Pipeline Art, in response to our grave concern for an bitumen pipeline going the the very heart of our local wilderness. 
The artist organizing it is my good friend Perry Rath, who is a well known and international artist, who is also our high school art teacher. You can check out his site here.

Perry is also one of the artist preparing an art block for the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt Project, which I'm heading up.  I don't have the whole content written yet, but its getting done and will soon have its own page right  here on my blog.

This sort of where I started and it grew!

I'd been playing around with the vintage wedding ring pieced parts for sometime, pinning them  here and there and suddenly they took to the piece and found a home. I love combining old, new, found and frugal into any piece I make.

The wording I have in mind will go into the light blue open horizontal strips.

I've begun the hand applique parts that are speaking to me. The first applied is the light blue waves with just the start of embellishment under the crest of the wave.

This bring my Tuesday Linky Party to a close, I hope you like what I'm working on and will follow me too! Have a great day, stay tuned for the finished version of this quilt.

All the best,


Monday, April 23, 2012

Women's Institute-Quilts in our bones!

Everyone doesn't know about my favorite non-profit organization, BC Women's Institute, its a  76 yr young women's organization in BC with ties in all of Canada and the world.

If you wish to know more about this powerful women's organization, go to this link

Our district is the Bulkley Tweedsmuir W.I. and we have a Spring Conference each year held in one of our community's. This year it was the lovely hamlet of Hazelton. Delegates and members attended with our various items for the spring judged competition, this year it was Banana Bread, Flavoured Vinegars, a hanging mobile, recycled hat, handmade framed photo.
Here is Nola Weston, our Treasurer of Quick WI holding up her handmade new rendition of our QWI banner. These banners are displayed from each district proudly showing our differences and our common ground.

Nola is holding out new banner she made from scratch last summer! Way to go Nola!

We have tons of  history, as members, we've had awesome women leading our provinicial board, our district boards and our branches. As you can see from the photo below, that managing our historic documents is an ongoing project.

As we move into our 77th year, young women are joining our ranks to learn the ways of the past. Food security is a big concern, with global warming and inconsistent commitment of our Canadian Federal Govt. we are all wrinkling our eyebrows and trying to find the path to local food security. With transportation cost ever more rising as our oil reserves world wide are depleting, BCWI is all about passing on the tips of our past to be frugal, recycle, compost and grow your own. Whether our members live in cities or rural town, we grow food.

The women above dressed specially for this Canada Day 1967 Centennial Celebrations in Houston, BC, 37 women took time, money and energy to sew these dresses, organize this photo for posterity and sadly, our Houston branch closed many years ago. Why? Is the concern for family, women's issues, our economy and our country less of concern and people lost interest? Quite the contrary!

Our BTWI district Spring Conference begins with the "Mary Stewart Collect" where all members and guest recite this prayer in unison. Its a simple creed to live by and work together by. We are all going in the same direction. Its always helped us to think and resolve our differences and means many different things to each member.

Mary Stewart Collect
KEEP us O Lord from pettiness; let us be large in thought, in word and deed ...
LET us be done with fault finding and leave off self seeking...
MAY we put away all pretense and meet each other face to face, without self pity and without prejudice...
MAY we never be hasty in judgement and always generous...
LET us take time for all things: make us grow calm, serene, gentle...
TEACH us to put into action our better impulses straight forward and unafraid...
GRANT that we may realize that it is the little things that create differences; that in the big things of life we are one ...
AND may we strive to touch and know the great human heart common to us all, and ...
O LORD GOD let us not forget to be kind.
A new member poignantly explained her belief in the revival of traditional skills, pastimes and methods for cooking frugally and growing our own food.
We gather and debate, discuss, brain storm new approaches for continued growth our most proud and long standing women's organization in B.C. One of the very ordinary things that we see everyday like the yellow lines on our highways was done as a result of a resolution that BCWI put forth to our BC Government many decades ago.

Another very important and fun thing to do is to compete in our very own District competitions. This year the competition categories are flavored vinegar, banana bread, recycled material hanging mobile, recycled hat and a handmade frame and picture.
Its a lot of fun, we have standards to work with and we all participate in some way. the following four photo show some examples of our competition items what were judged by independent & experienced non-members.

 Now I bet, you are wondering how soon we can get to the quilts?

Here they are, just a few that were at the Spring Conference in Hazelton.
All the best,


My To Do List of Projects

I'm had a bunch of things on my plate lately. I'm an active long time member of British Columbia Women's Institute, I reside in the Bulkley Tweedsmuir District and I'm VP of our rural Quick WI. Having said all this, what does it all have to do with my plate being full.

1. I am the lead and chair of the Smithers Centennial 2013 Quilt Project, which is 11 artists collaborating on a block of all different sizes which will form the center area of the Centennial Quilt.
It takes planning to keep all the balls in the air for this one. Its the big mega project that I eluded to earlier in the year. I have one completed block turned in to me which I'll share just bit of it so you can get the gist of what we are doing.

2. Annually, each of our BC Women's Institute districts hold a Spring Conference around this time of the year and this year ours is in the lovely little town of Hazelton, BC. Delegates and members from the Southside are of Francoise Lake all the way through the Bulkley Valley will participate in plans to move our organization ahead for another successful year. I've put forth a very special proposal and we'll be discussing it and holding our elections for this year. This photo shows Nola Weston holding her great new banner! Each district makes their own banner and many of our districts are updating theirs as we did.

3. I'm a back yard farmer, we raise meat chicken each year, have layers year round and we grow a lovely garden each summer. But most importantly we have spring salmon to catch from the Skeena Watershed. We have Huckleberries to pick, morel mushrooms to pick each spring and as fall closes in for another winter, my husband and I go hunting.

And all along the way, work at jobs, involvement with BV Modern Quilt Guild is ongoing and fun, but still takes time. I've taken on the role of Interim President until we have formally registered our non-profit assn., then we'll have an election and carry on with a new president.We host a "Quilt In" Saturday day each month to reconnect, share our passion for quilting and get to know each other better.

So because of all of this happening now that spring has sprung in Northern BC, for us, its a "hair straight back time" till the snow flies again in November. Its a seasonal madness that takes over the valley and we love it. Along the way we'll gather and play music!

Will I quilt throughout the summer, yes, but maybe not as often. I usually make up kits of  handwork that I can do over the summer from my  backpack. Like these dresden plate fans that we made over a summer of fishing.

This is my life today! Have a great one, off to play in the garden! Digging dirt is fun! But when I'm back inside, this is what I'm playing with in the sewing room. 

Visit Connie's blog Quilting by the River here.

All the best,


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Living and Quilting in the North

Our area is spread out, we're all living within the area of British Columbia that is full of rich natural resources. Our garden helps with growing fine, fresh produce each summer.

We are Canadians and other nationalities who sometimes live here full time, sometimes part time and most recently, we're becoming a baby boom town of new families. 

This photo was taken during the summer of 2003 when forest fires plagued our province and we had one during this late summer.

This is the size of fish we catch every year in the various rivers around our beautiful Bulkley Valley! This photo is actually of me, catching my first 37 lb spring salmon in 2004. It was a rainy day, but we're prepared for just about anything and we tough the elements out.

The families and quilters who make this area their home also are farmers, loggers, snowmobile riders, hockey players, rodeo riders, school teachers etc. We are very lucky to have a wide variety of wilderness opportunities abound our home.

We're as rural as they come! We're not so particular as to what we use for siding on our homes or sheds for that matter! This one caught my eye and only in rural life you'd find something like this display of frugal recycling! They are actually license plates nailed to the building.

These sockeye salmon are just one species of fish that inhabit all our rivers up here, so if you love to fish, move on up  here and enjoy the best! These are red  because they pooling around finding mates in the fall and about to die in their cycle of life after spawning.These fish bind us together into one community of rugged people who know how to survive in some harsh challenging environments.

Lots of us live in homes built many years ago and we like it that way. We like our independence and our mutual love of our precious environment. We are back to lander's and loving it!

Often the Midsummer Music Festival held in Smithers every year is a focus for families and my husband and I can found attending all the music festival each summer.
We are used to wildlife everywhere and this moose is wary as she crosses a forestry road many km's from Smithers. But moose are smart enough to winter over close to a community.

My quilts manage to find homes in all sorts of places, like our local community hall, Round Lake Hall.
These two fine ladies, Dina Hansen and Judy van der Muelen have kindly stood holding the quilted sign for this photo.

And sometimes, my quilting helps a young lad with a broken bird repair!

Hope you've enjoyed a little look inside the area of where I make my home, rural and loving it!

All the best,


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Whats on my bed?

I thought this idea of recording whats on your bed to be a great idea. After all, we're all quilters and do have the best hobby in the world! Quilting.

This is my Grandma's Garden quilt that is on my bed most of the winter, its lined with wool batting, washing this is a production, but well worth it.

No, it was not handed down from a great granny or anything like that! I found this quilt on Ebay and purchased it for $25 including shipping from somewhere in the USA. So sad that someone didn't want it, its all hand sewn together and hand quilted.

Its a king size plus, so there is lots of quilts for everyone in the bed. This means, I don't hog the quilt anymore!:)

All the best,


My Blog Update for Readers

I know that many of the blogs I follow have over 123,000 views but its a start!

Wow, I  just realized my blog has reached a new peak of over 10,000 views!

 And I wondered when I started this blog in Jan of 2011 would anyone want to read what I posted?

If you are thinking about blogging, here are some tips for good content and making your blog grow.
  • Don't wait, start reading other blogs that interest you.
  • Start one with Typepad, Wordpress or Blogger, I'm using all the tools out there for free.
  •  Don't waste your readers time with blather! Write good content that is interesting and timely. Always add photos.
  • Start with a goal of one post a month or better yet, one post every two weeks and try to find what works for you.
  • I love to add people in my photos, but make sure they know you are doing it and they approve.
  • Adding in links to other sites adds interest and builds your following too!

I am so happy that people find my stuff interesting enough to come back and to tell others about my blog. Thank you:)

I've been working behind the scenes of my blog to improve it and create more content for certain parts of my love of quilting!

Have you noticed the new section of Pages at the top of the blog?

And leave me a comment on what you thought of this content?

Tutorials and Gluten Free Recipes are the next pages being assembled and soon to arrive  here.

All the best,



Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Chicken

This is a photo of last years chicks hatched right here on our little farm plot in Quick, BC. Let me introduce you to Martha. She is  named after a very special lady who is a dedicated Mommy! She is checking me out with a wary eye, just in case I'm planning on any advances on her clutch of chicks.

Martha was the first chicken who on our little farm, actually sat for 21 days on 9 eggs and hatched 7 of those eggs. This performance was outstanding as the incubators we used did not so well.

Its actually Good Friday in Canada and I'm not eating chicken, but rather I'm mucking out the barn!

Fresh chicken manure in the north needs at least 1.5 years to  become usable compost. But the rewards are awesome with fresh strawberries, cabbage, brocolli, just about anything that you like to grow, they all like compost.

 After all the muck, straw etc is removed from the barn, I then sweep the insides of the walls, corners etc, sprinkling Diatomacious Earth, which is basically fossilized shells from underwater organisms. Its all completely natural and provides the perfect natural insecticide for your chickens to prevent the over growth of lice etc in the chicken coop. As you can see, we really sweep the DE into the corners, we even add some to the new straw of the nest  boxes. We've never once had lice on our chickens.

And so, as my day of cleaning out the smelly manure of our chicken coop comes to an end, I hope that this little trip down memory lane for some of you reminds you to grow you own garden, have a back yard chicken coop, even if you live in the city! 

If you live in Canada, check into

 or you could decide for yourself if you agree, is having chickens is a charter right in Canada?
I think it is anywhere!

At any rate, I encourage all people to get as close as you can to your food. Its simple to me, I'm reading this great book that really is putting things into perspective for me regarding global warming and other challenges we are faced with right now!

I leave you this Easter Weekend with this thought, which came first, the egg or the chicken?

All the best, Happy Easter!


Robert Cerins Earrings!!

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