Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stitching from My Heart 2016

This holiday season has brought thoughts of New Year Resolutions. My bleak stitching time has begun the seedling roots of resolving my wish to stretch my heart in stitches.

Stretching my heart in textile expressions of my fears, my hopes and my suggestions on ways to help myself make the changes I can to reduce my use of a car.

Every winter I read the Jean Auel series starting with Clan of the Cave Bear. I've begun crocheting an original shrug pattern. I'm just playing around.

The great thing about a New Year is the ability to start over, to try new things and to reach out to new groups of community.

I want to meet more First Nations women in the art world and starting with a new retreat in January.

I want to make at least one Amish Quilt and I love this one made by Mary Marcotte of Fluer de lis Quilts.

I love a little box given to me by my friend Nola! This one in the photo above was made by a blogger buddy Rhianon Taylor over at Nifty Quilts. I want to make more fabric boxes this year of 2016.

I really want to get started into using my metallic threads purchased locally.

I try to grow a garden each year and 2015 was no different. I managed to keep the weeds done and the plants and veggies were stupendous this year and I wish for the same ample harvest in 2016.

 And I am writing up more on developing a large community quilt such as the Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt. The photo below is an example of just one layout that was tried out and you can see, this layout was cut.

Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt about two months from delivery.

Happy Quilting and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015 In Review-wow!

Hi everyone, I can see that everyone is a busy little elf right now!! Such fun! I decided to do a Year in Review as suggested by my son. 

Burkley's Quilt 
39 x 54 in.

Bat Girl Goes Out
31.5 Square

Clever Embroidery Series was a total hit.

Wendys Quilts and More does beautiful cross stitch and so much more!

I finally completed earrings and necklace in return for a donation of beads in turquoise from Zenia Rene.

And I've continued writing my Artisan Crazy Quilts book due out in the New Year.

I'll be joining up with Faeries and Fibres for her 2015 EPP Quilt Along. i urge you to visit Karen's blog to see her mouth watering EPP goodness for any further encouragement to become a follower and join us.

As I was constructing this last blog post of 2015, I learned that I've done a lot more quilting this year and that means my quality of life has improved as my doctor put it, less pain equals a happier Caroline.

I followed along almost completed my participation with Kaaren's Houses Quilt which she hosted and is such a gracious lady, one you should start following!! I intend to finish this up after Christmas, I'm taking three weeks off from my blog and will happily be finishing up my studio redo.

I finished up Micaela's Birthday table runner a little wee late, but better finished than never! She texted me a photo of it on her table, I'll have to update that later.

This little gem of a quilt was made a decade ago and the photo arrived this year!

My facebook page is not listed as Good Earth Quilting. That name was taken and I had to choose Carli The Quilter, so this is why some of you are having a hard time finding me there. My personal page can be found at Caroline Heinrichs.

I'm crazy quilting all the time!

I finished up my Pretty Petals and its living in my studio!

I've continued to be sought after for T-shirt quilts.

I volunteered a few hours to Quick W.I, in laundering and pressing their antique linens.

I even managed a small part of the Summer issue of Quilter's Connection.

This is one project that will be finished soon and becomes birthday.

My online friend and quilting blogger Carolyn Wainscott sent me something very special in the mail. 

This busy senior quilter is a vital discussion partner around successfully blogging with income generation path in mind. Her Google+ page is something else and one very worth visiting. Her fabric prints of Jesus Loves Me is one of my newest projects to finish this is applique, thread painting or whatever I decide to do, Carolyn is open minded and happy to see any of my ideas expressed in fabric.

I've been really finding the value of this Three Hour Table Runner. I've made a bunch of table runner's that I'll have to post about in the new year.

If you don't have three hours to whip up a spartan on time project, do check out my Two Hour Slice and Dice Table Runner.

My family is gathering from several corners of the country starting soon. One of our sons has a 30th birthday happening as well. Boxes are getting packed with handmade gifts and much loving intentions. Gifts made by our hands are the best indeed. Hope you find new handmade items come to you this year!

Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Modern Makeover Finish!

Hello, folks!

 I'm really happy to have this little quilt all finished up and I delivered it yesterday to my friend Myrtle.

As you all know by now, that this quilt was an issue of what to do with it from when I decided it just wasn't' working for me. 

I'm not wasteful and enjoy the challenge of taking risks in my designs. i believe that if you just hate the finished quilt, it can always become an awesome doggie quilt!
I took a risk to cut the small quilt top apart and start fresh like

It seemed to take on a new life, one that was guided by another hand. I meditated on this risk and adopted the motto from WW 2 "Stay Calm and Carry On"
I was feeling pretty happy the day I took these photos at one of our local United Churches. This lovely little church has so much local history and it resides at the end of St. John the Devine Church on Quick West Rd in Telkwa.

When hand quilting began, I was some what overwhelmed for a few days as the expanse of cream in this quilt was like an ocean to cross. But I stuck with it, decided that it would take the length of time it would take and that was that.

The various comments sent by participants to the Celebrate Hand Quilting page on Facebook really took me by surprise as people hadn't seen much of hand quilting before. Its not big stitch or new, its just the way I do hand quilting.

You decide, is this different from other hand quilting you've seen?

  I mean really, its just the way that I fill in a large area of space and this little Modern Makeover had a bunch of it.

Sorry about the cieling lamp, but I was still sewing on the binding the day before delivering it to Myrtle. Its her September Birthday Present, so its wee bit late!

Quilt Stats:

57 by 48 inches
Organic Solid Cream fabric from Robert Kaufmann
Scraps and several Nickle sets from Daisy Jainie
Hand quilted with YLI thread
Machine quilted with the same YLI thread
FMQ in Feathers done around outside border and minimal in the stitch on darker areas.

Thanks for reading my blog! Its wonderful to hear what people think from all over the world.

Enjoy your day!

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