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CQ Winner & The Duncan Farmers Market

Phuef!  Easter is over and it was lovely to visit, eat and share our backyard with family and friends!  But I must admit, the gardening to be done has taken over my life, a wee bit. Its always a push in the spring time to get ready for planting. I had sort of forgotten about how fast weeds invade as soon as the spring warmth returned to the soil.  Without much in the way of freezing temperatures over the winter, I dreamed of the brocolli , kale, and tomatoes to  be grown in my new garden space, but its been kinda soggy here this spring I'd say! Our days have mostly been cloudy with just a rare glimpse or two of sunny skies. And its not so very different from the spring time in the Bulkley Valley of Northern B.C. minus snowy days of rough driving conditions and shoveling snow for sometimes 4-5 months.  And its quite lovely to be able to experience walking without ice. But quite frankly, we've lost the access to the backroads and wild parts of the forest. In