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Merry Christmas!

I've just spent some quiet time this Christmas Eve morning reading posts from all sorts of blogger's that I follow. When I look back on this 2014, I declare that it was a year of hits and misses. I am very excited to have found many interesting and lovely people who crazy quilt.  I am sorry that I simply lost track of my own hosted Crazy Quilt Along 2014, but hope to do another one in the future. And I know many crazy quilters follow my blog and would heartily join up again.  I did intend this one to be finished with scrappy dresden plates happily playing alongside daisies and it still awaits my ability to work on them. I love this photo of carved faces in cottonwood trees I found along the trails of Riverside Park in Terrace, B.C. I enjoy traveling in our truck and camper.  And then the numerous crazy quilted projects await me too. My life has taken a turn of reflection and has slowed down. There is no other alternative when sciatic nerve pain hi

Victoria Modern Quilt Guild Christmas Party..

I plucked up my courage and attended the lively group of nearly 80 something members, I was a week kneed child as I stood and shared my "Beach House Crazy Quilt" to the members. Such lovely women and 1 man welcomed me with open arms. People wonder of what it must be like to quilt. Followers online tell me that people are interested in reading your story. This member below made this beautiful quilt for her father who is a retired navy officer. These blocks are all navigational signs used while at sea. Stuffed toys are so much fun to make at this time of year and this VMQG member has a lovely laugh and smile to go with it. This member shared this awesome small zippered tote perfect for my hand embroidery supplies. This gorgeous quilt is machine quilted by a quilter that is going to do some for me later on. And this is my mug and rug to trade with at the VMQG year end party. I'm sorry to not have updated you all with my new studio

Hand Sewn Log Cabin Block Tutorial

I invite you to give this tutorial a go. I open my heart to hand stitching in my desire to feel the thread being drawn through the two simple layers of cotton. This is an invitation to slow quilting. I've said it before, its my therapy. The simple act of threading a hand sewing needle and actually sewing two pieces together is rewarding in a sense of self mindfulness. It became my therapy for this reason. You'll want to assemble at least 6 dark scraps and 6 light scraps. Cut these strips into 2 in. width and carry on, replenishing your supplies with scraps of dark and light, you'll get this organic looking quilt that speaks to somewhere soft and cuddly in everyone. So starting is always two squares any size. In my case, I chose to start with 2 inch squares, one 2 in. square the red color I like to start a log cabin block with and an alternate color, light or dark. In the above photo, you can see the simple running stitching I do with a tiny french knot at each

Sunny Seaside Sunset

A classic sunny day on the shores of Vancouver Island came knocking on our door. The fresh coffee in traveling cup and away we went.   From Victoria (on the map above), to the Port Renfrew, we wove our way along the seaside. It was quite a relaxing time as we drove along checking out new country. My thoughts were of my friend Nola, whose rugged independence as a Northern woman had somehow missed this beautiful part of B.C. and so I dedicate this post to you Nola, my quilty friend! The trail that winds around huge tall cedar trees is a well worn but rugged path. You really must keep your eyes on the path as it changes from step to step. If you visit Jordon River Regional Park, you'll find a lovely west coast trail that took me back 30 years to my youth. Nola, remember hippie's and the Clayquot Sound Protests? I do as I watched and learned about the devastation of forests so precious they are as important as the trees of the Amazon who are constantly 24/7 cleanin