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Heart Crazy Quilt Finish

I just love crazy quilts. This 32 1/2 in square quilt is one that again, I worked on over years.😊😊 I believe I started the centerpiece Heart back in 2006 while recovering from total knee replacement. The hand embroidery was a fun activity in between all the exercises in recovery.  I did Feather stitch across all the seams on the heart shape. Then I was stuck with what to do for the continuing project.  You know how that goes. But as time went on, I discovered the beautiful rust colored satin in a vintage thrift store and I knew the next stage immediately. On this Heart Crazy quilt, I actually combined braid piecing in the heart, not crazy at all, but then the stitiching helps to pull all that into focus. You'd hardly notice the variance if I hadn't brought it up. Nevertheless, its taken to a new home with gusto. As always I love the autumn colors and so does my sister who this quilt was made for and delivered to her recently, therefore I