My 66 Finished Quilts

These are photos of my 59 quilts that I've taken the time to actually take a photo of before it dissappeared out the door. Many have gone out the door and almost never to be seen again and so some quilts are not included in this gallery.

My Halloween decor "Bat Girl Goes Out" 2014

Denim Photograph Quilt, hand quilted wall hanging 2016

Boro Thrifted Quilt 2017

Courage Quilt 2013

Zig Zag Table Runner 2018

Circles Table Runner 2018

Mr. Owl 2014

Made and gifted to my friend Myrtle 2011

 Made and gifted 2003

Made and gifted 2002 to my brother.

Made and gifted to my brother in 2000

Made and still use as part of an EPP quilt along in 2008

Upcycled bag made 2010

Made 2012 as charitable fund raising.

Made and sold 2007

Made and gifted to Round Lake Hall Receation Assn. 2007

T-shirt Quilt made and still use on our spare bed 2006

This little crazy piece is actually still unfinished. But in the hands of a quilter friend, she gave it to me as a gift and I did all of the extensive hand embroidery and gave it back to her. 2008

Made and gifted 2009

Made and is still our extra camping quilt 2004

Upcycled Bath Mat from scraps 1997

Made and have on my wall 2000

Made and gifted 2003

Made for a friend 2008

Pat's Quilt 2012

Made and still use as wall art. 2012

Modern Improv gifted 2014

Made and gifted Denim Baby Quilt using method from Cultural Fusion Quilts book in 2015

Made 2016, lives in Alberta, known as "Alberta Sunset" 

Made and gifted 2011

2016, a commission that went half unpaid. It was my first blocks using Sujata Shaw's method from her book Cultural Fusion Quilts.

Two Twins T-Shirt Quilts 2015

made and gifted 1994

Designed and implemented this community quilt to celebrate Grand Forks, B.C Centennial 1997

Made and gifted 2005

Maduca's Hair in 1995, I was an early Improv Quilter.

Christmas Dresden 2008

Beach House Crazy Quilt 2011

Christmas Mini 2013

Snow Town Folk 2010

Silver Linings Crazy Quilt 2002
which won 1st Place in Ontario's Quilt festival in connection with International Ploughing Exhibition in 2004.
This rainbow colored in solid cotton was fund raising quilt for Nelson Waldorf School 2003

Large Custom T-Shirt Quilt 2008

Drum bag for my friend who now lives far away in Nova Scotia! 2005

My Purple Crazy Quilt 2006

Made for a friend Crazy Ties 2009

Christmas Hear Mini Mug Rug Exchange 2009

Make up Bag 2014

My Corduroy Quilt 1995

Posies made in 1999

Oh Canada Quilt gifted to Nathan Cullen, MP Buckley-Nechako

Made for my youngest son, 1997-2003

Made and gifted as fund raising project 2005

Crazy Quilted Cushion 2008

Polar Region Table Runner 2009

My husband's quilt Canadianna Birds 2010, we love this quilt!

Smithers 2013 Centennial Quilt

Heart Crazy 2005 to 2019 in development. Completed Jan 2019. Stitched on the label while visiting with my sister March 2019.

My Sons 112x 112 sq  Quilt for Christmas 2020

Five Christmas Socks 2020

Gifted Christmas quilt for Allie 2020

Crumb Quilt made lovingly for Casper 2020

Our son Jon made the Woodcutter fellow when he was eight years old, I completed it for Christmas 2020.

Blue Baby Crazy Quilt 2008


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