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Back To School Lesson 2 Progress

I've made some good progress stitching through Suzuko Koseki's book "Playful Patchwork." I'm really feeling a change in myself while working through hand piecing of 'set in seams' and finding I return to her pages for greater clarification of how its done. Very fine stitching for sure. I'm not sure any of my stitching is that fine as two meet the 1/8th stitch length on both sides of the work.  Moving houses isn't a fun event, is it really? I lost my camera for a whole 8 weeks! I had unpacked everything while in pain. This is never a good plan. I completely forgot where it was. That is what pain does to a perfectly good mind. We are impressed with our realtor Jesse Butler . Many special thanks to my husband and sons who made the days and weeks of agony somewhat livable as they made me food and brought me pain killers. My 365 Circle, came to a halt. My family needed me and I needed to get my home in order aga

Back to School Lesson 1

A few years ago purchased a book by Suzuko Koseki entitled delightfully "Playful Patchwork" and I've decided to work methodically through this book. I rarely do that. Often I skim the pages looking for something that really caught my eye. I am self taught in most of my quilting skills. Mother taught me to embroider at an early age and the embroidery skills moved to hand  piecing. My skills were average when beginning in hand piecing the Roses Block in Lesson 1. I am quite happy with the end of this block. I am learning to slow down and enjoy the slow stitching .

Stitching Starts on #makedoquilt

Just a wee bit of non-thinking goes into this piece. STARTING WITH NOT THINKING AT ALL. LET THE CLOTHING DO THE TALKING AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. TRY IT! It started with the challenge #makedoquilt on Instagram. Now comes the stitching. Happy Quilting to my faithful followers, who have stuck by my side through all of this moving and unpacking business!! You Rock!

Crazy Quilting Update

Hello all of my quilty friends! I have been out of touch for a while and lots has been happening.  We have moved to the South Island and have listed our home in Smithers. We sold our RV and we bid farewell to a shelter well spent! I first featured the quilt below in spring of 2015. With completion date met, the owner refused to take possession of it. I was shocked to say the least. I was left with no other recourse to have small claims court for the full payment of this quilt. Serving legal papers took steely nerves on my part and finally after three tries, I managed to serve the owner and I sped away at a high speed. My friend took the brunt of that served papers and that brought more heartache and worry.  But the buyer, who paid only half, had more dollars to spend on lawyers to defend why she shouldn't pay the full amount. From my standpoint I've been ripped off in such a sad way. This quilt was first commissioned to me in the fall of 2014 with arr