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Embellishing Quilts is Easy

Sometimes, I just want to add an embellishment to a quilt. For this T-shirt quilt I'm making ( )  I decided the small circles were calling for ric rac or something. I love using trims that add sparkle to a piece. Embellishing a quilt as you create or as you follow a pattern is easy to do and it might turn up your "Wow" factor. This little tip for using those fabrics that might not pop, try ric rac?  If you want to continue by adding beads, buttons or lace a whole new look starts to appear. When I'm wondering about something, I'll pin the embellishments on and then put it to the side. I will carry on wiht another part of the quilt or start a whole new project. For me, moving away, giving the change some time to jell in my head is important. Take for instance, this bass fish came to me through the mail when I participated with International Quilters round robin exchange. This bass was at the third installment, ready for me