Thursday, January 22, 2015

goodearthmodern blog is live

Now, I know that some of my readers are following me because I like to play around in the new genre of "Modern Quilting" and that is fine to follow me here, but I've developed a sister blog that really spells out my commitment to this new genre.

So, for those of you who are wanting to read about and see what my paticular version of modern quilting is all, I welcome you to follow the link listed in this post to visit and see what's happening there.

This cute little table runner is all about modern. Its a new take on an old theme and its got a solid amount of negative space. 

Please visit my sister blog goodearthmodern

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cultural Blocks

Lots of beautiful blocks are happening in my temporary studio, akay my son's office. Here are just a few that are going into a memorial quilt. These are the pattern blocks from "Cultural Fusion-Aelting Pot of Piecing Traditions" by Sujata Shah.

Sujata's Joy

When I purchased Sujata Shah's book "Cultural Fusion Quilts-A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions" I was thrilled to own a book from a fellow blogger who I'd been following for several years.

I have decided to add a bunch of these Rail Fence blocks into an upcoming T-shirt quilt. Stat tuned
Happy Quilting from Carli's Winter Studio

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quilting in stitches one by one...

Some have described my quilting as eclectic, artistic and re-purposed to new heights. This "look"that I have is mine. It really describes me as a person. Broad shouldered I stand with my heart on my sleeve as my nimble fingers move across the fabric. Stitches pop up wherever the needle surfaces. New interpretations of stitches evolve as I do.

Stitches made across the fabric surface is my mindfulness and focus. Creativity swirls in my mind and comes out in stitches. Its interesting to see the "back side"of this piece.

Happy Quilting


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quilts I Made for my Brother

My brother Willy told me recently that he had four quilts I'd made for him. I was uncertain if I'd made him that many, but to prove me wrong as brothers will do, he emailed these photos to me.

The first up is the plaid number above made for my plaid loving brother back in 1990's.

Then this rusty colored one was made for his large rec room at his home.

Then this one is a take off of quilt I saw in one of those ancient quilting magazines from the 1970's and I adapted it to real moose, instead of the one used in the pattern, Now, if you live in Canada, everyone knows that a moose and an elk are totally different kind of animals. They do not look anything like one another and so this is my Purple Moose.

I don't remember which pattern this was, but its not my own design, but one I loved and it was perfect for their living room that was done in blues.

So you see, sometimes your brother is right!

Happy Quilting,


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cultural Fusion Quilts Book Review

Its a great pleasure to let you in on a little secret. Psst, Sujata Shah has written this awesome quilt book and I own it. It was a long awaited Christmas present and I've read it cover to cover. I totally recommend it and here is why.

  • I love fusions of any kind. I rejoice in mixed marriages, gender equality and colorfully putting your face out there. Sujata's book delivers the mixing of colors ideology perfectly while you are gently encouraged to be yourself and explore her techniques.

    • Sujata's style is freedom expressed in fabric, unpretentious and honest.

    Sujata's Crazy Quilt is so fun, it just explodes across the page like fireworks!

    This was the ultimate reason for purchasing the book in the first place. I had seen something somewhere on her blog or elsewhere of this Crazy Quilt.

    I was hooked, line and sinker, I knew that if she could do this, then I had to get to know her even more. Its my dream to meet Sujata in person, God willing, it will happen, even if its the last thing I do.

    I can see my own art is moving toward modern quilting and its most certainly going to take over the quilting world with a gentle heart, but loads of stamina!

    I welcome the challenge to keep up with the growth of modern quilting or loose quietly. But I'm motivated! So look for more quilts by me from this awesome book.

    I made this block from her Rail Fence pattern.

    Now getting back to my review of the book. 

    1. I loved Sujata's story of  her life and how she came to be in North America.
    2. Her directions are clear and direct.
    3. I made one block from the Rail Fence design on pg. 24 and it came out as indicated it should a 16 x 16 in. block. ( I didn't do any fussy this or that to make it that way )
    4. I used my own tools, I like it that you don't need to buy a bunch of more quilting tools to make something from the new book
    5. Cultural Fusion is a winner in my opinion because its got 15 Free Form patterns inside the covers of this book. These patterns are so diverse from each other that I know I will make more than one quilt from this book, so for my budget is happy with that.
    Plus, I'm not paid to say to any of this! :)

    Congratulations Sujata on a great book and I wish bestseller status for you!

    Happy Quilting!


    How I Unwind and why..

    Its always an honor to serve the public and make your way in life by doing something worthy and rewarding. My career outside of raising children and growing a marriage was Special Education Assistant in several public schools over 16 years. My days of work were filled up with classrooms, children, teachers and parents. Offering assistance to a classroom teacher is rewarding all itself never mind helping children learn by giving one on one tutoring and instruction.

    I even had the pleasure of teaching young children the fundamentals of hand stitching. We had permission and we ate lunch together and cleaned up quick, so hands could begin stitching. It was marvelous and inspiring.

    At lunch time before this fun lunchtime activity, I'd sit in the staff room and stitch on the various parts of the Beach House Crazy Quilt.

    I'd go home after working with children and release the day's stress through quilting. No doubt about it, quilting helped me last long months of classroom turmoil and attempting to reach unreasonable goals of school board funding. 

    CUPE BC is mostly the union representing Education Assistants. From CUPE's web page details I read that Aboriginal Education Assistants are also voicing the same concerns around unpaid work.

    Working with children is one of the most rewarding ways I've personally contributed to our greater public, one by one, helping children cope with difficult parents, helping them reconcile their own differences and celebrate individuality.

    I would try to let go of the little ones at home, but its difficult when you know the child is going home to less than ideal home life. I turned to a child's natural love of art, painting, drawing and play. I worked with kids from kindergarten to high school. I battled administration over changes to the classification of special needs for BC children. Its convenient for administers to cut and cut without the benefit of actually seeing children struggle when teachers are stressed with too many children in a classroom. I commend B.C. Teacher's  for fighting and striking over class size and composition.
    If you are interested in knowing the nuts and bolts of reasons for teachers to take to striking, read this.

    Its not a black and white issue for sure. But funding must be restored to public schools otherwise I see a continued decline and an increase in private for pay schools. Where are parents and children to go? Not everyone can afford a private school. This issue is a hot one in BC as our very own Premier has her child in a private school. How can she have any idea of the reality of low incomes and the choices are taken when the class size is so large that a teacher cannot simply do any real teaching. Its more like herding cats. Just saying....

    So this is why my quilting hobby really increased up as I continued my career in Special Education. My quilting has always been a way to unwind, take some time to reflect and leave the daily worries and concerns you have for the children I worked with, all with special needs.

    Another way to unwind is go fishing. Really it is, it takes patience and dedication to actually catch something. Fish don't just jump into your boat like in the cartoons. It takes time. I seem to catch the first fish all the time, I can't explain that one, but its the truth. My hubby always says, "OK now I'm going to catch the next fish" and he does.

    Another fine way to unwind is get dirty and unwind in the garden. 

    Another way to unwind finally is to get away and do new things and see new places, like this duo of busker's on the James Bay waterfront of Victoria. This is a typical event on any day in summer day in Victoria.

    Hoping this all finds you quilting away and  unwinding in your way too? As usual, I love reading comments and I welcome your thoughts on this testy issue of public education challenges.


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