Quilts I Made for my Brother

My brother Willy told me recently that he had four quilts I'd made for him. I was uncertain if I'd made him that many, but to prove me wrong as brothers will do, he emailed these photos to me.

The first up is the plaid number above made for my plaid loving brother back in 1990's.

Then this rusty colored one was made for his large rec room at his home.

Then this one is a take off of quilt I saw in one of those ancient quilting magazines from the 1970's and I adapted it to real moose, instead of the one used in the pattern, Now, if you live in Canada, everyone knows that a moose and an elk are totally different kind of animals. They do not look anything like one another and so this is my Purple Moose.

I don't remember which pattern this was, but its not my own design, but one I loved and it was perfect for their living room that was done in blues.

So you see, sometimes your brother is right!

Happy Quilting,



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