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Hand Embellished Crazy Quilt Tutorial

Finishing Hand Embroidered CQ Block Quilt Tutorial If you are a crazy quilter beginner and you've got a CQ block started somewhere, take it out and use my hand tutorial for finishing a CQ Quilt or Block with batting and messy background showing and its kinda bulky. Of if you are a new-to-sewing and want to get your stitching fingers tuned up, this is the tutorial for you too. This is the tutorial for you! And when you are done, please post your work on Instagram using  #thegreatcrazyquiltalong When you comes to sandwiching this bulky CQ Block, I always add more batting to the border for instance, like this as seen below finished and the 2nd photo of messy stuff backside. You can't quite tell from this photo, but the red border is quite puffy in between the machine quilting leaf meandering along is kinda like trapunto-ish. This Silver Linings Crazy Quilt was the first quilt win that got me so excited. This quilt has many unique featu

Portrait Stitching is Fun

I am experimenting and not just with one thing, but many in my pursuit of the continued love of stitching. This is based on a photo sent by my friends Todd and Charrine Lace of @charrinelace and upon deciding on how to go forward with creating my first ever stitched art like this became a new adventure and more is coming along on that vein. His portrait went into the Town of Smithers Centennial Quilt 2013, which has now come back to me for safe keeping. What are you trying out? I've found a lovely and simple, thank goodness for me knitted and then felted slipper pattern. I found it online, but can't find it again to share it, but its out there.