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Upcycled Christmas Crazy 2021

When I started the four central blocks of this Christmas Crazy it was around 2014. I was looking for another crazy quilt to provide me a winter of hand stitching, hand embroidery and embellishment. That winter was almost 7 years ago. The four blocks were complete and ready to incorporated into the new design by end of 2016 when we moved to Vancouver Island. But then they sat in a storage unit without me for another year. I make all these goal posts because, so often I hear things like, "Wow, that must have taken years? or Did you do all this stuff by hand?" and it makes me think that many times, the task is soooo daunting to a person, that they become stuck and don't ever let themselves fall in love with the freedom of crazy quilting. Early in crazy 2020, the year that we'll all universally remember forever. I leaned back on my busy life with building a business and trying to stay safe all at the same time, I decided to get busy finishing a few things and I've got