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Online Thread Painting Workshop { FAQ } Registration starts today!

Students have to begin somewhere :) This vibrant sun is the start of a cute little make up bag. Registration for this online workshop opens today! I am thrilled to see the interest in this workshop. I received several emails asking for more information and realized that I had been tardy in a set of FAQ for you. Q: How do I get into the online workshop? A: Today, September 27th, registration opens for this class. Email me carli the quilter (at) gmail (dot) com with all your contact information. I'll email you back with a welcoming letter to the workshop with a supply list and my home mailing address in Canada. I'll forward your invitation link to our private classroom when I receive your payment. Send payment via express post if you live outside of British Columbia, Canada. (I don't have a payment site and I feel at this time, its kind of experimental doing online workshops, so just mailing me a money order is best. If this proves to be successful, I&#

I'm changing my scrappy mind!

 I began the work of completing "A Dresden Summer." Go to my tutorial on Freestyle Dresden Plate Fan here. here. I played around a bit with the creation of the Chevron braids that originally were to encircle the center portion with the 4 Dresden Plates. But when it was all said and done. This left me feeling like a bit overwhelmed with too much colour. I felt the outer border braids took all the love from the Dresden Plates. What do you think? So I decided to give A Dresden Summer a better presentation. I have so far added another inner border   I chose a deer scene print. I didn't have more of the lemon or the beige check print, so I improvised! Now, I'm setting it on the other side of my room to view while I work on other projects. Tell me, would you continue with the bright outer border of the Chevron Braid? Carli

Thread Painting Workshop Giveaway

Hello everyone, :) I bet some of you are wrinkling your forehead and wondering what's going on with Carli's blog? Yes, its true, I've been reading, learning, doing an e-course and trying to improve my blog. I know, you've probably noticed that I recently had my own photo on my page. Egads, I must learn how to resize photos. I certainly didn't want "a photo in your face size!!" Sorry :) I  have changed my backgrounds available from blogger several times! I have changed where things are located on my blog and I've written another tutorial and posted that too! Go to my Pages section and scroll down till you see the Chevron Braid. Its the most recent tutorial and a good one. You'll also see that I've made up a cute little advertisement for our property that is for sale and we'd like to sell.  But most importantly, I've decided to start offering workshops. Now I looked at the whole matter of doing my workshops online at re

Gluten Free and Loving It!

I am gluten free by reasons of acute gastrointestional disturbances that are completely solved  by eating only foods in all ways, that are free of wheat and gluten. I am so much better since eliminating the wheat/gluten intake in my meals. I will not bore everyone with the acute symptoms but suffice to say that it was stressful not knowing where a public washroom was, at all times :( Since June 1, 2011, I have not willingly ingested anything wheat or gluten and had some tummy growlies now and then. I cannot say all discomforts were because of eating wheat, but I'm darn suspicious of it though. Ill informed people who have waved it off my inquiries, assuring me it was safe as it was made with a GF mix from the store, they meant well.  But for those of us that cannot tolerate wheat/gluten and its an allergic reaction . Its unpleasant and its harming our intestines like lethal knife scraping off the hair of a moose hide. I used to get brain fog all the time, more so as I neared

A Dresden Summer- Going Chevron Maybe?

Oh, yes did I tell you that the border is going chevron! Its turning out so wild, free and easy to do! Some of you, who may not know I have committed to completing my UFO's.  I have started into my UFO's and the first is what I've now officially named "A Dresden Summer."  This quilt may be a diverse swirl in a county background but its also up for the challenges of my creative mind. I like to challenge myself.  Tutes are coming soon! So what do think of this newest addition and now this quilt has a name? Let me know? Do tell me if  you think its too much or are additional borders needed, what? I'm waiting to  hear from you :) Carli

September UFO in progress

I really love turning things in quilting on its ass!  Really I do! This little quilt top in the previous post. I started pulling some scrappy pieces that kind of go with the plaid fabrics, plus some for of the flowery type fabrics to begin a first border. I was thinking of Home on the Range when I started this and so we'll see where this goes. I rarely use anyone else's patterns. I so prefer the freedom to make my own mistakes or my own design. In the tutorials I'm doing along with all my UFO's this year, I will try to lend the process I use to create and design my own. Linking up with  Carrie P at A Passion for Applique Take care and talk to you soon, hoping your weekend is as gorgeous outside as my world is? Carli

UFO's wrap up

I couldn't really wrap anything up until I finished them, so here are the project that I've pulled out of special boxes to begin finishing them and while I'm finishing these lovelies, I'll prepare a bunch of tutorials which I'll link up to from my blog. First up is the "Summer on the Range" quilt with 4 large 21 petalled Dresden Plate quilt that I started in late 2011 and then began organizing the mega project in early 2012. What was I thinking? There was absolutely no way I could do a quilt along and sincerely, my readers knew this, right? Thankfully, my loyal and faithful followers have continued to listen to my ramblings as I took on the Smithers Centennial Quilt. What did you think of that particular quilt, I'd love to hear your thoughts? Then onto my little project on hand applique tiny Dresden Plates from my favourite quilting magazine "Quilt Mania" Unfortunately, I cannot find this magazine now to comment