Gluten Free and Loving It!

I am gluten free by reasons of acute gastrointestional disturbances that are completely solved  by eating only foods in all ways, that are free of wheat and gluten.

I am so much better since eliminating the wheat/gluten intake in my meals. I will not bore everyone with the acute symptoms but suffice to say that it was stressful not knowing where a public washroom was, at all times :(

Since June 1, 2011, I have not willingly ingested anything wheat or gluten and had some tummy growlies now and then. I cannot say all discomforts were because of eating wheat, but I'm darn suspicious of it though. Ill informed people who have waved it off my inquiries, assuring me it was safe as it was made with a GF mix from the store, they meant well. 

But for those of us that cannot tolerate wheat/gluten and its an allergic reaction. Its unpleasant and its harming our intestines like lethal knife scraping off the hair of a moose hide. I used to get brain fog all the time, more so as I neared the tipping scales of change for me. Working meant that sometimes, you just couldn't say the very sentence you were thinking, disconnecting your thoughts from your actions was traumatizing for me. One of my GI symptoms.

Co-workers and employers just think you are getting old and loosing it!

But I know for sure that to keep me healthy as I'm supposed to be, I must keep wheat and gluten out of my diet, period.

Now for a little fun, go and try some of these very tasty gluten free recipes at

Heh, if you are gluten free and want to connect with others who are gluten free or you have other food related allergies, please do me a comment. 

Tally ho!



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