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Hand Applique-Blind Stitch

Hand applique stitching with the time honored blind stitch. Its a stitch that my Gr. Eight Home Economics teacher, Miss Hepburn taught me along with many other girls. The stitch is simple and clean. Once you learn to do the correct stitch length, you are off to the races. I take roughly a 1/8 in. Stitch each new stitch. From then on its just repeat. I use this stitch a lot and enjoy the memory too. I find comfort in this little book of encouragement. I was given it last year and have been picking it up when I'm challenged to keep smiling while in pain.  My friends Dad has chronic pain and he found comfort in this book too. Do you have memory of a great Home Ec. teacher?

A few UFO's

Since returning home, I've reorganized and found even more unfinished tops.

Birthday Table Runner

My sister is one of my best supporters. She loves my creativity! This little table runner started with a bundle of 11x9 cuts and who knows how long ago I purchased. The colors of this table runner are more fall colors. Happy Quilting!

Great Bear Paleo Bites Review

One day I was shopping in the local V.I. Royal Park Country Grocer and saw this inviting smile. What a lovely woman Tracy Lydiatt is and what a story behind this remarkable healthy eating guru. Her journey starts in Perth, Australia and I met her in Saanich, B.C. Her main operations now based in Oliver, her web site is informative and inviting as well. Sorry, this close up is blurred, but you get the logo, really engaging don't you think. She invited me to try one and I loved them and tried the three brands she had on display. Wow, tasty, not too sweet, but pleasant and chewy. A bite of goodness and the best part is to come, read on. This Canadian company are really proud to be grain free, vegan and free of wheat-soy-dairy and nuts! (dairy = no butter/no eggs). They hold a gluten-free certification.

Homeward Bound #1

Highway travel out of B.C.'s lower mainland was rainy as we drove into the night.