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County Claire Progress

I am not sure about this jumble of colors in my recent County Clair handpiecing project, something inside me is  conflicting with this project  that I must figure out soon.   I started this Kawandi quilt last Saturday. I took the whole day off and stitched to my heart's content. I have been following @margaretfabrizio and her work in the Kwandi style is stunning! Simply put, her art pieces are beautiful and the are all made in this Kawandi style. From the Fidi people of Africa who have Indian roots apparantly?  This is all consuming and fun to take a total break from all you are dealing with right now in self isolation and avoiding going anywhere unnecessarily. What are you up to in your quilting projects? I see people already working on Christmas projects? I can't even think that far ahead. I've been very happy with my gardening this year. And making a cold frame for winter fesh veggies. Happy Quilting everyone! Thanks so much for continuing to follow my progress. Wish you

Textile Learning Moments

I made this quilt back in 2002. Made from men's pant material harvested lovingly. And some plain men's work style shirts. I tied and it would still be around if someone hadn't taken in on  date and spilled coke all over it. It was thrown into a lake to 'clean'it and no one thought to ask about wool pant materials or the best way to wash it. Sour faces brought it home and with heavy hearts they handed it to me without too much crying. Shit happens and I learned a fair thing. Don't make and then call quilts Camper Quilts then others think they are hardy and can be washed like another other cotton material. I'm sure you've got some stories like that, if it hadn't been for my inexperienced upcycler habits that I included teh red/black tartan, it would still be in use. Instead the wool tartan shrunk and everthing around it came too. Rumples, canyons and wired twisting occured after the lake experience. I was ahead of the MODERN quilting curve back in 2002