Textile Learning Moments

I made this quilt back in 2002. Made from men's pant material harvested lovingly. And some plain men's work style shirts. I tied and it would still be around if someone hadn't taken in on  date and spilled coke all over it. It was thrown into a lake to 'clean'it and no one thought to ask about wool pant materials or the best way to wash it. Sour faces brought it home and with heavy hearts they handed it to me without too much crying.

Shit happens and I learned a fair thing. Don't make and then call quilts Camper Quilts then others think they are hardy and can be washed like another other cotton material.

I'm sure you've got some stories like that, if it hadn't been for my inexperienced upcycler habits that I included teh red/black tartan, it would still be in use. Instead the wool tartan shrunk and everthing around it came too. Rumples, canyons and wired twisting occured after the lake experience.

I was ahead of the MODERN quilting curve back in 2002 when I was inspired to teach a workshop for fellow Waldorf School parents and together we made this 100% cotton quilt from solid colors and it is still hung in the Nelson Waldorf Daycare Foyer. This was my learning of modern quilting. I got comfortable with solid colors.

I won Most Innovative in Ontario Quilt Festival held in conjunction with the International Plowing Match 2004. I learned so much from this quilt. Decisions were crucial, fabric choice was something of a surprise and its been one of my most popular posts on this blog.

I began making t-shirt quilts for clients in 2009. I learned GAYG method suited me just right.

All these ladies came to my Upcycling Class sponsored by the Regional District for Hazeltons about recycling clothing into useful items, many really liked making bags, unfortunately, I was the photographer too.

But look at these sweaters, jeans, coats and upholstery fabric went into those beautiful quilts.

I began the quilt I'm working on for my niece in 2009 according to the date on my computer. This quilt is coming along this weekend.

Each quilt win or lose is a learning moment. 

Take the time to learn.

Stay safe and stay well my friends!



  1. Isn't that the truth, we learn on every quilt we make. I recently made a quilt that I figured I could just mark as I went along. It's angles turned out to be all wrong and my choice was to undo it all or just make it look good. I hope I've learned my lesson to mark a grid before it is put on the frames.

    1. Ah have, there you go another learning moment. I do enjoy finding things working out each to be way more fun though. 😊

  2. I think every project you do is a learning moment - at least it is for me. I suppose that's one of the reasons I'm enjoying doing the landscapes so much. Each one requires a huge amount of innovation and learning - and a whole lot of contemplation too. Sorry about your quilt being thrown in the lake - I'll bet they felt really badly afterwards!

    1. Hi Mary Anne, yes, they did feel bad and it taught me an important lesson.


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