Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Finished Quilts for 2012

This one is my gifted to Nathan Cullen, our Skeena Riding Member of Parliament. Its called "Oh, Canada"
This one is my camper quilt just for me. Hubby is way too warm for anything more than a blanket, so I needed my own camper quilt.

This one is my big project that actually come to completion in 2012. Below is the fully finished king size quilt.

This one started out as a round robin and then I completed it to gift to my friend Barb.

This lovely table runner was donation to the Bulkley Tweedsmuir WI 2012 Spring Conference.
This one above is my protest quilt that I displayed at the Pipeline Art Display in Smithers, earlier this year.
Victoria's Quilt, made with t-shirts, modern pieced back.
My jewelry quilt that has now lots of earrings on it and has proven to be a great way to display and see the jewelry I have instead of digging around in my boxes.
So I was feeling like I hadn't really accomplished much, but I actually did.
All the best,

Monday, December 24, 2012

2012-Crazy Quilts-Fine Scraps Giveaway! Revised

"I've got it, Carli, put crazy quilted center piece into these bags!" my friend Nola is a recent crazy quilt addict and typical of most who discover the joy of crazy quilting. This is the bag she was referring to, that I placed an orphan Dresden plate block in the center area of the bag! 

We become addicted!

 As I started to get organized for this posting, I started checking all my little  parcels of UFO's that I am constantly working on throughout years sometimes. The photos are all the various bits and pieces of various crazy quilting blocks and projects that have been started, worked on and still yet incomplete!

 I take heart that all will eventually be complete and this post will document my process and progress.

 Some experimentation by incorporating recycled denim in this one, yet a full concept of my discovery.

This is my progress on a green quilt for a family request. 

What follows are the close up progress on my "Tropical Dream"

This little quilt is my exploration of applying finished crazy quilt block to a hard purchased canvas in preparation of framing it.

So these are my 2012 UFO's in my crazy quilting. What kinds of crazy quilts do you have on the go? If you want to participate in this giveaway,  you'll need to make your own post on your blog about your crazy quilts, finished or in progress. This posting with links to this contest will be worth 1 entry, 2nd entry is to link up with my Facebook page- Good Earth Quilting.  So don't wait, I'm giving away several years of exquisite satin, velvet, cotton, rayon and vintage fabric bag weighing 1 kg in a rainbow of colors! Come on, just a little posting on your crazy quilting experience.

This year  has been a very surreal experience to work on the centennial quilt. When I offered to make the quilt, I was unemployed from a 'real job' and then suddenly I was working full time. So my life was turned upside down and the centennial quilt has taken on a life of its own. 

Merry Christmas my quilting and blogging friends! See you in the New Year 2013.


This giveaway ends on Jan 30th, 2013

What are you waiting for, leave me a little commment and spread the love around!

I have added some nice lacey things, fine embroidery threads, a few mysterious silky fabrics that women love to this bundle! And I'm going to include a book on embroidery stitches that I so love and simply have outgrown it. Buts its truly a joy to have if you are just getting started.

Smithers Centennial Update-Terri's Golden Script

The Centennial Quilt Project has taken a hiatus for a few weeks before heading down the steep slope to completion of the quilt. A few weeks ago I asked a good friend of mine, Terri of Bulkley Cleaners is she could help me with this challenge for the quilt. She was tasked with coming up with this on a moments notice and under a deadline as well.

She exceeded my expectations!

For sure, the notion of community spirit is never more truthful when taking on a big project. Community spirit for the Smithers 2013 year of celebration is high and many projects are going on through out the year. 

Terri's unique professional embroidery machines are top of the line and created the following words for the quilt.

These letters are about 2-3 inches in the tallest letters.

The letters that will grace this auspicious quilt will not appear to be so 'large' when their final position is found in the finished quilt. In the corner, you'll see the Glenwood Women's Institute photo of their Glenwood Hall in Driftwood.

We were recently gifted a copy of the revised version of 'Smithers - A Railroad Town" by Harry Kruisselbrink. I'm enjoying the revised version much better than the original version. Thank you to Harry and the Bulkley Valley Museum for your support to correct the story to include the very important Wet'suwe'ten people and how they were living before contact.

Todd's Salmon are his original design, a cook, carpenter, husband and father, a gifted artist that we'll see more from in the future.

All the best,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anonymous Comments

Just so you all know, that anything that comes into my comments section that is listed as 'Anonymous" I delete it right away. So if you like my quilting and want to comment, then please set up your information in reality.
Spammers are just not appreciated on my blog.
Take a look at what you are likely going to miss if you are not a registered user online.

I'm working on a whole list of new patterns for release in fall of 2013 around my whimsical style of Canadian Ice Fishers.
More tutorials using my fast Fat Quarter Friendly switch and flip.
Happy Holidays!


A little Crazy Christmas Show

Sometimes I just get so excited by working with my hands, needle in hand, stitches patiently settling into their new home on my crazy quilt. I do use a machine occasionnally if I'm in big rush and the item is going to be washed numerous times. But the machine stitches doesn't give you the same feeling of meditation. The stitches slowly and proudly taking their place in my art.

Recently, I found a beautiful crazy quilted piece on a Quilting Fiesta, where the work was so lovely, I asked if I could use her photo in one of my posts and this is the post. But first, lets take a snowy walk to my house and see the various crazy quilted pieces made and sold over the years. Such as this one above. Its now in a private collection here in the Northwest. Most of the lovely satin and brocade fabrics are straight from elegant clothing.  Beads, thread, wool and buttons adorn this piece, even my first attempt at 'rauching' I think its spelt like this. The little biege flower piece on the left hand bottom side of this piece.

This wall quilt " My Secret Garden" was first started as an entry in the CQA's Fat Quarter Challenge 2005 I think. Of course, it was not complete in time to enter it and now its part of my own selection of crazy quilts that I use for show and tell at my workshops.
Our proud Maple Leaf celebrates Canada's history on the flag quilt I made.

This quilt was given to Nathan Cullen, our Skeena MP and its now in his office in Ottawa.
Then, I did a share project where my friend Joanne, needed a little help remembering the variety of stitch combinations I use. I taught Joanne and then she gave me this as thanks, then I got busy with stitches all over it. I gifted it back to Joanne. Lovely little project!
As I said, this is a quilt show and it wouldn't be complete without "My Beach House"
This quilt won first prize for "Most Innovative" at the Ontario, Canada International Plowing Match and Quilt Show in 2004.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Seredipity ~ Houston Crafters Galore

Everyone has to take a  break now and then, don't you think?

After all, the Centennial Quilt won't fall apart if I do something else a wee bit, right! 

So we gobbled down our breakfast and we went into Houston, BC to pick up a new kitchen range. City Furniture in Houston. Great price, simple without all sorts of gizmo's that require passwords kind of kitchen stove.

You know what I mean? Every quilter has to take a break!

I insisted that we stop at Houston, B.C.'s mall on Highway 16. Its the only one in town and has an interior walking area  between stores.It a great place for crafters of all kinds to set up a table and sell their wares.

 My friend Cindy is off to Africa soon, working on a mission and  helping with many good deeds while there. Cindy and I have a strong bond around recycling, the beaded necklaces are handmade from a women's collective in Africa. She works with A Rocha, an International organization for environmental conservation and education from a Christian perspective.

These beautiful necklaces are handmade by women who need the money earned to raise their families, I found a necklace that has become my favorite, the beads are made from recycled magazines.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Centennial Quilt Part Four- Rusty's Decision

Meet Rusty, she is a friend to me like no other. She hangs out in the hallway outside my sewing room. Her training as a pup was to learn that 'Rusty's quilt' is her spot to hang out. We both have some doggies dander allergies. Thank Goodness, I have a great vacuum, its a Dyson. I recommend this type as it doesn't take bags and can cleaned thoroughly between uses. Rusty loves it too.

She has been a constant player of decision discussions, where she cocks her head to one side or the other with her own uncertainty. 

a lovely local artist has ventured into a new field of painting with fabric. I encourage you to visit her site and see all her work for sale.

This piece below depicts the pioneer way of transporting all goods to the early beginnings of Smithers and Northwest BC. Horses remain a vital part of the valley, where 4-H groups and fall fair events are an ongoing major event each year.
Thank you so much Anne!

another kind local artist painted this sunset, which I'd love to  keep in my house, but alas, its going into the Smithers Centennial Quilt. Recently, I've begun trimming, aligning and designing piece by piece.

I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful artist get on board very early in the planning. Linda Stringfellow is another local artist who created this gorgeous fabric piece below of the original Provincial Courthouse, which now houses our local Smithers Art Gallery and BV Museum.

I am grateful to the artists who had so many other things, shows, family commitments and disruptions of all sorts who came through with a block for the quilt. Below is Martha Wertz, who in so many ways, stepped up to the plate with a finished paintings while packing to move her home south.

Another hidden talent recently who has become the chef at Moricetown Elementary School in Moricetown, my friend Todd Lace. He's so talented in so many ways, that he continues to make art in leather, found lumber and fabric, diverse is the word, check out the Moricetown Band Office for many activities organized here.

By now, if you've been reading regularly, mountains play a really big role here in the Bulkley Valley. Much of our focus on tourism  based images is all about the alpine area of Hudson Bay Mountain, but our valley has three serious mountain ranges and so the above photo shows the start and progress of the Babine Range.

I'm working on various parts that will be photographed soon and posted here. For now, this is where I'm with the Smithers Centennial Quilt Project.

Bye for now, thanks so much for your very kind comments! I do enjoy reading them and stay tuned for more over December as I count down to the new year of 2013.

All the best,


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