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Bits and Bobs, slow stitching

This is the beginning of a new needle case for a friend. Life is getting busier somehow. Semi retirement has not been as relaxed, dreamy tea sipping and reading kind of time. Am I the only one that thinks the whole darn world is going faster somehow? I did find some time to visit Moss Street Market in Victoria and I was really surprised with the turn out! Thousands of people attending, and it was so hot, thank goodness we caught occassional gusts of ocean breezes. I've been culling out my stash and hoping for inspiration and it will come, just not recently! I laugh at how silly I am, keeping all sorts of bits and bobs and they are gone now, onto others who will find inspiration in them. I kept only what really is my favorite stuff. You'd be surprised when you ask yourself  "does this bring me joy" if it does, then I keep it. But if I am being completely honest, it has to go. This is a new piece that works into the forest fires of BC again are going strong and many peo