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Red is Best

 Hi everyone! I know its been a long time since last posting, but I've been working away on several fronts. The past Red Quilt is still undergoing more borders and then finishing. But I'm plagued with getting used to having Meneire's Disease. I have new glasses, new diet, new orthotics, and I'm getting used to slowing down literally!! This is a great way to use up an older made piece from the center and then also use up some of the Circle Blocks I made eons ago! And then that very busy border print is perfect to cool the rest of the quilt so far. I made myself a really nice dress made from two linen table cloths. Super stocked no stains were found on these two table cloths and they are so soft, I'll post a better photo down the road. Smaller projects are going to be the focus for 2023. My space is what it is and its better for me anyway. And life does bring change, right, always, change is the factor. Happy Quilting! Carli