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Little Houses Progress Part 2

I'm so loving this fun quilt along. I dare say that Kaaren's way of doling out the next parts with lots of lead time is good for me and others too. I'm still cleaning out the camper and restocking for another Mr. GEQ and myself getaway at the lake this coming weekend. So yes, this post is scheduled and I'll read your comments when I get back to civilization. Between cleaning out the sewing studio as well, I've found some new threads that I thought I had bought hiding behind one of my tables waiting for me. I've  been slightly overwhelmed with fruit and veggies all coming in at the same time. There is only so much refrigerator space available to hold them while I'm visiting with family. I made slow progress. I did find the tedious chore of rotary cutting and leaning over my table to be a bit of back ache, but I got through it. But that is just where its at for me. I carried on. I'm so liking this quilt and hoping its n

Lizzie Bee Cre8tive Pattern Winner

Let me humbly apologize, I don't know where the time went since posting this great little giveaway! But I think fishing was involved!! Heehee... My Mr. Good Earth Quilting is the best and we love fishing together.  Mr. GEQ drew a name from the hat last night and I'm really happy to announce that Karen H's name was pulled from the crumpled impartial draw hat. Congrats to you, Karen! I will notify Karen H of the blog Fairies and Fibres today!  Many thanks to all the followers who entered this little giveaway. Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting news over the fall months. I've been busy with many new things for this blog, I'm hoping you will like it all, making more tutorials for those of you who are crazy to learn how I do my crazy quilting. All the best and keep on quilting, fall is just around the corner!

Crazy Quilting Kit

I've been crazy quilting! Yes, several crazy stitching pleasure is happening and its so hard to keep it all quiet online is even more difficult. My true love of "slow quilting" culminates into the several dozen crazy quilted art projects in the wings. Which brings me to Sharon's crazy quilt kit of supplies. I'm sorry this took me more weeks to get together!

Clever Embroidery #1 Series- Wendy Welch

This new hand embroidery series is all about profiling skilled talent of embroidery artists all over the world. This first post is profiling the hand embroidery, using cross stitch of Wendy Welch's hand made art of New Zealand. Wendy started this project in January and has now finished this awesome Haunted House all by hand.  Isn't this collection dreamy?? Hello I'm Wendy Welch and I love hand embroidery!         I think I started before I was 10 years old with wool on plastic canvas.    My mum taught me embroidery, knitting, crotchet and cross stitch. She is very talented and studied embroidery at high school.       I take classes at Nancy's Stitch Studio in Wellington, New Zealand. They run a full programme of needlework classes each year and I've had the pleasure of learning from some very experienced teachers there.   I follow Kathy Andrew's blog -  http://www.   She is studyi

2003 Art Gallery Showing

Wow, I'm so flattered. Thank you so much readers and Internet folk that find me and my blog Good Earth Quilting.  My 2004 Award winning "Silver Linings Crazy Quilt" It was the simple win of that quilt that made me start looking around online for something I could I use to share my quilts.  And here we are 15 years later and going strong online. Do you remember all the histeria around the clock turning over in 2000? I was working full time back then, I remember working on the border pieces, hand embroidering on my coffee and lunch breaks. It must have been soothing for me during that time when the student I worked with was a true challenge to remain calm and nurturing for her. As my little light began to shine, I began to find my niche. I'd love to read about how you found your niche? And so, to the changes coming to Good Earth Quilting. I'm working behind the scenes on an e-book that I hope will be out before Christmas and I'm wo

400 Posts

I've posted more than 400 posts! Wow, and how the time has flown? This post is just a tiny look back on all that has been created here on Good Earth Quilting. I still have yet to finish this lovely "Mexacalli Quilt" and now I've seen it again, its actually hiding somewhere in my studio, come my little mexi-kitty, come now, where are you? I've included hundreds of links to various interesting sites and this is one of them . This link takes you to SD62 on Vancouver Island where Kindergarten has taken to the woods. This fine long time quilter used only recycled materials in all her quilts. I started out in 2007 with the ideas of helping others learn how to reuse, reduce and recycle. But as time went on, my local contact became bored with all the recycling talk and I noticed that people didn't comment on recycling posts, Now, 8 years later, so many blogs and people have become more centered on not wasting precious global energy and hav

Little Gifts Call #1

I've been making multi colored dish cloths. These humble little gifts look fabulous tucked into a gift basket. I'm writing up in a mini posts based on the little things I do each year assembling hand made gift baskets. What do you do for little gifty things?

Susan being Snippy: Hexagons-- Hand Pieced Long term Work in Progress....

Susan being Snippy: Hexagons-- Hand Pieced Long term Work in Progress.... : Summer is not really the time to sit inside the house and sew quilt blocks together or to manoeuvre a quilt sandwich under a home sewing mac...

Modern Makeover Flimsy & Give Away

 I've been slipping along, floating down the QuiltyJuice River that began flowing with the latest "cutting and more cutting" assault on my Modern Makeover post a few days ago. My vision just sort of melted upon the design wall. I had no real plan for this quilt. Nothing even measured, I just kept a good 1/4 in seam allowance and sewed with Baby Lock Melody machine slowly through all the bumps as seams collided with each other. I mean collided. Collisions like atoms and explosions. I love this freedom! Once the Ta Da moment of finished flimsey came for me, I was out the door so fast that my dog ran into her bed and was still inside when I came home. You see I don't have majestic museums or long sandy beaches to place my quilts up against for a great photo. But I do have our little old timey celebrity of the historic Quick Anglican Church . While I've decided that this is a finished top, I do think this wild and free play could be made i