400 Posts

I've posted more than 400 posts!

Wow, and how the time has flown? This post is just a tiny look back on all that has been created here on Good Earth Quilting.

I still have yet to finish this lovely "Mexacalli Quilt" and now I've seen it again, its actually hiding somewhere in my studio, come my little mexi-kitty, come now, where are you?

I've included hundreds of links to various interesting sites and this is one of them. This link takes you to SD62 on Vancouver Island where Kindergarten has taken to the woods.

This fine long time quilter used only recycled materials in all her quilts.

I started out in 2007 with the ideas of helping others learn how to reuse, reduce and recycle. But as time went on, my local contact became bored with all the recycling talk and I noticed that people didn't comment on recycling posts, Now, 8 years later, so many blogs and people have become more centered on not wasting precious global energy and have begun to actively reuse clothing into quilts and so much more.

And then I opened up the world to my love of crazy quilting. I had no idea then that this one tutorial would amount to 1/3 of all the views on my blog!

I posted this fine tutorial then and now, its still one of the most viewed on my blog. And while many people have viewed it, used it and probably shared it, only four people left me comment. And one of those was the winner of my "Crazy Quilting Club Kit" who noticed that my new theme has a contact link at the top of my new theme.

And then speaking of tutorials, my "Two Hour Table Runner" has also proven to be a winner in terms of views. I think it would be fun to do a little quilt along just using this tutorial and all linking up? 
Leave me a comment if you'd like to do that one along with me?

And everyone enjoyed my numerous posts on my adventures in growing chickens and eggs.

And you'll be very excited to hear that my "Tropical Punch Crazy Quilt" is finally on its last legs. Hand embroidery is not something I rush. I take the time each piece needs to really give it the glow of a lifetime before its done. I know this takes the "jump for joy excitement" out of any given post, but its my way of doing my crazy quilts that matters, right?

Yes, I do other quilts as well, t-shirt and custom quilts for clients, but really I'm not out there running down every lead on who wants a new quilt? So I move at my own pace and thats the nut of the  butter!

But as you all know, Crazy Quilting is really a true love of mind and this one is coming to an end really soon. And I love it when I see and read about other people's embroidery and crazy quilting! Thanks Greta for this photo, we all look forward to its completion.

And what comes along with hand embroidery is the hand stitching that I do. It keeps my fingers limber and it won't always be easy to do the extensive hand embroidery! What do you do to keep your fingers nimble?

And then the larger of quilts I make was using the funnest Rail Fence block I've seen from Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah.

This Rail Fence border went into the conclusion of an Memorial Quilt I worked on during the winter of 2014/15.

This leads me to how I put my crazy blocks together! Sharon, I'm working on this and I will post this tutorial really soon.
And this brings me to the Google + Crazy Quilting Community that has been started and I'd like to welcome anyone who does crazy quilting, to join me here.

For anyone selling textiles, this is not the spot for it, its all about those of us who make and enjoy crazy quilts to join and share your work. Links are allowed, but not advertisements.

So this is my little wee look back and I'm postive that when I've accomplished another 400 posts, I'll be tickled pink!

Take care and thanks for reading this look back.

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  1. It's wonderful fun to look back over what we've done, isn't it? Thank you for doing this, because I was able to see some of your earlier works that I missed.

  2. Congratulations on your 400-post milestone! May you have many years of happy blogging ahead!

  3. Hi Carli
    400 posts!! Let me thank you for continuing to blog. I see that you utilize extended social media, but I love the blogs the best. I'm a new reader and have gone back a bit reading past posts, but I admit I didn't comment on the older posts I read. It was interesting that people passed over your recycling posts. Sad. I am so into recycling. I think interest in crazy quilt is growing. Though I admire the frau frau stitching, I much prefer a simpler more Bohemian or Contemporary stitching. Since I came back to embroidery after decades of absence I always have a stitching project in the works.

    Thanks for the link to the Google CQ community too.
    xx, Carol

  4. Congratulations on your milestone! I have so enjoyed your posts, and look forward to many, many more

  5. Well, thank you everyone! Its my joy to share with anyone wanting to learn my techniques.

  6. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful projects, it's inspiring to see quilts in progress and to see how they get finished.
    Congratulations, Caroline.

  7. Congratulations on 400 posts! I really love your scrappy quilt in the 6th pic, it's great! Did you hand quilt it too?

  8. Hi Linda,my sixth photo is machine quilted. I made this for my friend on the East Coast. Its so very nice to read your thoughts.


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