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Having Fun with Squares

I'm using scissors and hand stitching for all the quilting I'm doing these days. Happy little squares cut from one cotton block is how all my squares are getting done. Circles with tin foil completes the easy circles.

Hexie Flowers Sprouting

I'm really looking forward to getting started on Karen's quilt along and I'm clearing the way. I find Hexie Flowers very relaxing to do! And you can see I've got a bunch to put into something funky. I will wait for Karen's quilt along, so I can have a little help along the way. This is  what started to form a few months ago. Random scrappy chunks of fabric that called to me. That is a poor photo on a rainy day. I continued. When time allowed, I took out my hexie bling bag, which simply is a "Very Bling Bag" that became my portable carrier for hexie supplies. I fit right in at any function in Victoria.  I'm working on workshops for guilds to promote myself as an instructor.  This what I played with today! I was taken with the sense of freedom I felt as I laid these blocks onto what was a slight pink print background. Wild abandon comes to my mind. Something like getting wiser? But I couldn