Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hexie Flowers Sprouting

I'm really looking forward to getting started on Karen's quilt along and I'm clearing the way.
I find Hexie Flowers very relaxing to do!

And you can see I've got a bunch to put into something funky.

I will wait for Karen's quilt along, so I can have a little help along the way.

This is  what started to form a few months ago. Random scrappy chunks of fabric that called to me.

That is a poor photo on a rainy day. I continued. When time allowed, I took out my hexie bling bag, which simply is a "Very Bling Bag" that became my portable carrier for hexie supplies. I fit right in at any function in Victoria. 

I'm working on workshops for guilds to promote myself as an instructor. 

This what I played with today!

I was taken with the sense of freedom I felt as I laid these blocks onto what was a slight pink print background.

Wild abandon comes to my mind. Something like getting wiser?
But I couldn't resist flinging open my fabric cupboards and found this IKEA brand new bed sheet in orangey red color.


Have fun folks!

Sewing slowly is very rewarding.


  1. Great hexies Carli - Anthea at http://hibiscus-stitches.blogspot.fr/ has a linky for EPP work at the moment. xx

    1. Hi Lin, thanks for sharing this linky party! Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it. lol, Carli

  2. Hi Caroline! thanks for stopping by not afraid of color
    here's my answer to your question: I lay out my hexie plan before a trip, and safety pin them where they will go, so that I can easily sew them while on the go!

  3. HI Caroline, thanks for linking up with PYT - I love your hexies & wow that background sheet is just great for your work! Thanks for helping to spread the word about PYT!


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