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Memory Quilt #11

I am always honoured to make someone a memory quilt. As time has passed in my quilting life, spanning 50 years. I've become very humbled by each new request for a Memory Quilt. Its always a bit exciting, I let the clothing talk to me, my sense of the spirit in the clothing guides me thru. It's emotional, so let yourself cry a little. The clothing have told me where to go in this design, not finished yet. Take care and thank you for still reading my blog. Happy Quilting, Carli  

Homewood Retreat

I joined the Nanaimo Quilt Guild earlier this year and attended my first guild retreat. It was held at the Homewood Camp on Quadra Island and its a great site and these are some of the highlights of quilts made during and before the event. It rained everyday we were there and only had a wee bit of sunshine on the day we left. But it was still awesome to quilt every day with new friends.