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Reversible Modern Crazy Quilt

I love making quilts with two sides of interest. There, I've said it and its a fact. I've made several of them. I like to be able to turn the quilt over and have a different look. This is not a new thing and many of us make two sided quilts. My start on this large Modern Crazy Quilt-Reversible was designed with out any over seam embellishment. Each of the center blocks started with 1 (12.5 inch square) for the back, 1 (12.5 in batting) and then forming the crazy free form topping of each square. I invisioned a center of darker colored fabrics surrounded by less crazy pieced modern design around it in a minimalist kinda way. Borders will come next, pre-quilted before assembly.  They will be measured to fit each side with a corner stone block in each cormer. Then I will have a look at that and decide if its going to be bigger. This throw quilt is going to be a house warming gift in December. I had decided to put one border around measuring 12.5 b