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Sujata's Rail Fence Quilt is done!

Its turned out to be 112 inches square. I'm really pleased with and so glad to got to make another one of Sujata's patterns from her book Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shaw. I must admit, it was a behemoth to negotiate through my Janome HD9. But totally impressed with thus heavy duty machine. For machine quilting for straight lines,  at least it's awesome. I do like ths wide mouth area, perfect God big bulky things like quilts. As you might notice, my blocks went a wee bit wonky, but I don't live with quilt police so I'm moving on. I even combined different blocks and do like the idea. Anyway, folks, I'm working away on gifts as I write, so I'm off to carry on.    Stay safe and take care of each other over the next year. We all need to stay vigilant and continue social distancing. Caroline  

Upcycled Jeans into Jeans!

Hi my merry quilter friends, I apologise its been a very busy fall and now into December, its even busier than Santa's workshop over here. My husband is all about the fit and this croch is too low for my man! He likes that they are upcycled jeans, but he's got a paticular fit in mind. I cut most of the seams out of the jeans first, then began laying my pattern piece overtop of pieced jean material to find just the right amount, drape is important, don't cross your grain with upcycled jeans and expect that they are going to work, NOT!  My new Christmas Crazy Quilt is about done, hand quilting around the border and tacking inside the embroidered part of this quilt and hanging sleeve and binding and label to do. I have been working on building crumb blocks and I eventually have enough to make a quilt, this one sewed up in a matter of days, a lovely border is going on to this Dog Bone quilt which is intended for a gift. And of course, I had to take several days and dung out my