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Good Earth Coffee

I was surprised to find this name! But great coffee and muffins! We were out and about.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

As you know, I've been working on multiple quilting projects! And this has been going on for years. I've sewn and quilted all the way through raising a family and working full time.  We, the young couple grew older together.  Our children became adults and moved into their own lives. We are doing something that most families don't do, its live together! Now, this is very funny when I hear about parents talking about their college graduates moving back home and don't leave again.  That is another whole subject, this is our sons saying "come, move in with us" When parenting our sons in the early years, we made a commitment to holding each \Sunday evening, a family meeting.  We've returned to what worked for us in the past. Communication is key in this plan and these are the things keeping me busy outside of quilting. All of my sewing machine type sewing is packed and ready to be moved. I can only do hand work and th

Invented Circles

I have a pile of hexies that finally found a home. They were just lonely souls until placed with these circles. I intend to do hand embroidery around the outside edges of the hexie blocks to make them circles. This quilt will become our new summer quilt. I'm using up all sorts of small bits and scraps of bright colors that just disappear in the bin. Hand embroidery stem stitch between the hexie edges to complete the circle. Happy Quilting quilty friends!

Circles Ongoing Progress

Making circles and applique them onto my squares is most enjoyable. Its slow quilting at its best. I'm using an old fashioned approach of cereal box cardboard circles as my template.

Lazy days of summer

Missy and Rusty lazing on living room floor and couch. It's been a busy time and BBQ #4 is done and the cool ocean breeze flowing through the windows. Rain is coming to cool the parched earth. Rain!