Invented Circles

I have a pile of hexies that finally found a home. They were just lonely souls until placed with these circles.

I intend to do hand embroidery around the outside edges of the hexie blocks to make them circles.

This quilt will become our new summer quilt.
I'm using up all sorts of small bits and scraps of bright colors that just disappear in the bin.

Hand embroidery stem stitch between the hexie edges to complete the circle.

Happy Quilting quilty friends!


  1. nice and bright…looking good

  2. Hi Sherry, thanks for this lovely comment. I am now starting to add in he blues and green squares.

  3. This is so bright and summery - I love it. The hexagon circles are a cool idea too.

  4. That's a brilliant thought (to add stitching to make the hexxies circular).

    1. Thanks Mary Anne, you are so kind. Slowly getting a few moments between house hunting and so much to do!

  5. I think it's happy and summery too, lovely work.

    1. Janie, I appreciate this comment. I'm planning to hand quilt this one as well.

  6. Dear Caroline,
    this looks just awesome. Love your circles and the idea with the hexie flowers. Wonderful project.

    1. Hi Silvia!
      Thank you for your kind support of this fun project. I've living out of a suitcase and doing all hand stitching only.


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