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Converging Interests in Fabric

It feels good to return at the day end to my sewing and quilting. I adjust the music sound level and I zone into my stitching. I take a deep breath and plunge in.  I'm not alone with hearing from all of you. But I did take a wee fork in the road of "Scrappy Dresden Quilt" and I've made a decision to agree with the comments around choosing a color scheme for the background sashing of this quilt. As I pulled the blue selection I could choose from, I found fabric yardage discrepancies and decided the earlier layout of Scrappy Dresden Quilt required a wee adjustment to "more scrappy is better." You can see the change I've made. And of course, I have some new crazy quilted cushions coming along with a new bit of a slant on crazy quilting. It was quite by accident that I decided to move into placing 2.5 in squares I purchased from a lovely UVIC student who was so sweet to help me find her using our phones on that

Scrappy Dresden Play

I started playing again with 28 blocks of assorted blues, browns and red background  blocks. What to do with these blocks, I wonder aloud. My time is spent mostly editing and writing these days and its a joy to get back to stitching! You get the idea. I didn't have all my normal range of felts or pencil crayons, nor dare say absolutely only three pages of graph paper, so I improvised.  The blue sashing or the light sashing color on point is where these next photos describe. What do you think? I'll not say at this point to which one I prefer, I have one favorite though, but I want the feedback from you? I found this ufo hanging out in a bin of fabrics that I had reserved for improv applique that I'm working on. I may cut it open like I did with Modern Makeover. This was wee bit too dark for me. I needed more light and sunshine in the layout. Do leave me a comment, even if you read this years from now, leave me a comment on

Scrappy Dresden!

Do you remember this wild bunch of Scrappy Dresden Blocks? Recently, I was ready Mary Huey's post on finishing up half done projects.  She inspired me and this project is on again. These are all blocks that were quickly picked without any plan what so ever!  In my mind, I was thinking about getting onto a full sized quilt.  I dreamed of seeing these Scrappy Dresden blocks in a quilt laying across our kind size bed. Like this king sized Canadian Birds quilt. If you have yet to play around with Dresden Plate blocks or 1/4 corner fan blocks, then check out this tutorial I did on the method I use to make up all my Dresden plate blocks.  I do normally hand applique the Dresden plates to their background block. But sometimes, I just want to get it done and move on machine applique which is way faster for me. This is where I believe that something really mellow colored fabric for sashing between these Dresden blocks is in order. I find