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Progress and Projects on the side

I have finished the forest fire rebuild quilt for our friends. Its going in the mail , now that Canada Post has unfortunately been ordered back to work. We are hoping it arrives before Christmas, fingers crossed. Its getting done in between challenges and other projects I have on the go. These blocks were hauled around all over the country side while being worked on. I love Dresden Plate blocks. I began this quilt a long time ago. This quilt is intended to be finished by end of November ready to begin hand quilting on this treasured quilt. With the goal to be complete hand quilting by summer of 2019. I've decided that instead of in the ditch or some 'overall' hand quilting like clams, I will do something different. Different from clam design below. This quilt is so toasty, we use it only when its really cold outside. I'm actually considering unpicking the entire thing. Have you done this kinda crazy thing? Its going to be

Circle Explosion

When I began to write this progress report on my "365 Circles" that began so long ago I suddenly realized that circles have been a huge part of everyday life. Bowls to holes and all in between circles are the way life goes, in a circle! This lovely table runner went to a local charity raising funds in an auction. Three Dresden Plate Fans made into this Modern Dresden Table Runner I made this upcycled bath mat way back into the 1990's and have not looked back on the upcycling front. This fire ball was an exercise in exploring Ms. Carlson book. Quilting hoops around my house are a constant distraction for my family as pins and needles managed to escape and no one drew any blood in this exercise. When you begin a project I don't usually have a plan, to be completely honest. I just usually start with some sort of vision in my head and if I don't get it onto paper soon, it goes by the way of the Do Do Bird. I have

Forest Fire Quilt

This project did at first make me think, "Oh ya, I can do this, really quick!' but then it was suddenly daunting with a whole king size quilt to machine quilt in a quick way.  It meant I'd have to have an attendant to help me move the big quilt through my home machine and I really enjoy hand quilting more than that.  I would need help with pinning it on the floor, OMG, this means I must wash the floor!  Just joking, but it started to feel a lot like a more work. And as I get older these questions do arise with each new quilt I make, so I look for easier ways to do things. So I cut it all up! Yes, the freedom feeling that it gave me was instantaneous and I felt a lot better being able to really calculate how soon I'd have this quilt complete and in the mail.  Of course, I didn't count on Canada Post going on strike. So, I elected to do Free Motion quilting and QAYG on each block and then sew each block together again using Marti Michells&#