Circle Explosion

When I began to write this progress report on my "365 Circles" that began so long ago I suddenly realized that circles have been a huge part of everyday life. Bowls to holes and all in between circles are the way life goes, in a circle!

This lovely table runner went to a local charity raising funds in an auction. Three Dresden Plate Fans made into this Modern Dresden Table Runner

I made this upcycled bath mat way back into the 1990's and have not looked back on the upcycling front.

This fire ball was an exercise in exploring Ms. Carlson book.

Quilting hoops around my house are a constant distraction for my family as pins and needles managed to escape and no one drew any blood in this exercise.

When you begin a project I don't usually have a plan, to be completely honest. I just usually start with some sort of vision in my head and if I don't get it onto paper soon, it goes by the way of the Do Do Bird.

I have learned how to make moccasins and beading from my friend a Gitsan woman of Glen Vowel.

I made these two needle and pin catchers for her grand daughters.

Then I started with the challenge and I can say that yes, mindful stitching is the name of the game with stitching around the outside edge of any circle and I am not a perfectionist or use any kind of template to make my circles. So they may appear wierd to your eye.

So it wouldn't surprise you when I learned of the 365 Circles Challenge and I began with a goal of 365 circles appliqued onto blocks, I now have well over 400 blocks to work with when I decided I had enough to begin making my quilt.

This had become the medalion of this new quilt. I am working on making the borders that will become something like this sketch below.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Thanks so much for hanging in with this long blog post. 


  1. What a lovely post! Really enjoyed seeing how circles have played a part in your quilting life! Christine x

    1. Well thank you Christine, its nice to know that something I wrote caught your eye. I totally enjoy your hand embroidery and you've made some inspiring pieces. Cheers!

  2. I agree...a lovely post....The bath mat is my very favorite.

    1. Thank you, that bath mat is circa 1995! And back then, many of the quilters in my ghuid judged me slightly "loony" as my love for upcycling was just getting started. But I have remained true to finding my own peace and contentment in stitching for me.

  3. Definitely a great circle post. Love the 365 circles, wish I'd have taken part in that but had too much on the go at that time.

    1. Maurren, its never too late. I have so many now as a resource, you will evenutally see what I'm making in top secret!! Thank you for your kind encouragement.

  4. So many great circles, and it's always nice to revisit a 365 project.

  5. Nice collection of circles! I'm much like you in starting into projects with no real plan in mind. Mostly it works but sometimes it doesn't!


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