Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Modern Makeover UFO

I just love the action and creativity that comes when I'm stumped and I just let go.....

Do you ever do your creative process this way. It must come from the deeper side of my quilting, the one of a kind quilts I make for clients.

Remember this quilt, really it was going nowhere fast!! 'Into the garbage' were the thoughts I had several times as I stored, refolded and buried this quilt.

I just didn't like it and that doesn't happen often. But as the desire to finish things became an obsession whilst doing the canning and harvesting of garden produce! Its amazing, it must be the awesome work done by my chiropractor! I'm feeling less pain everyday and this provides new energy.

I simply started by cutting off the four blocks surrounding the hexies.

Then came the next round of cutting, I went crazy cutting over two blocks at a time.
Then I created new fabric in a round about crazy fashion in 5 inch strips.

It was fun starting the modern conversion of this quilt. I think its the colors that threw me off. While I like these colors, they were just a bit tooo much of something for me. I could feel the delicious creative flow beginning when I started to just let go....

Once I the five inch strips were added I new right away that they needed a little more company of cream solid organic cotton from Robert Kaufmann and the mottled green colored fabric so prevalent in this piece are from Daisy Janie Fabrics.

 I used  the 8 extra hst blocks for cornerstone inspiration.

I have decided at that point to move more of the salmon, orange, blue and pink into the mix.

What do you think? 

I read all my comments would love to know what your thoughts are about the Modern Makeover?

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Don't forget, let me know what you think?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Little Houses Quilt Along

This Little Houses Quilt Along is so sweet! 

Thanks again Kaaren from The Painted Quilt blog for hosting this fun and fast houses quilt along. Apparantly, around 500 quilters are participating. What fun!

Whebn piecing I always pin close together to ensure seams line up.

And there we have the Part 1 of this quilt along. Something looks a little wonky at the bottom. I'll have to find out what's going on there.

And does anyone use Picasa Photo Editing from Google? I've just recently discovered that I had it all along! But now, I'm learning new stuff and enjoying the curve to learn how to edit your photos to improve the look.

So if you are reading this far, then you're learning that a few days ago, I had my first contact from a reader who USED my new contact form! 

Sharon, who lives down in PA was excited to learn that because she was the first reader to use this new contact form, she had won one of my newly developed "Crazy Quilting Club Kit's"

She is new to quilting and wants to be a freedom quilter playing in the world of stitching and flipping.

These kits are special and they are going to be listed soon on my developing Etsy shop! 

I told you that I was up to something all along. And the new shop is just one way that I'm letting my bliss happen. I'm making decisions that will be posted about in the coming weeks,  but for now, Sharon is the winner. 

Pop back tommorrow, I'll be posting about these new Crazy Quilting Club Kits.

Happy Quilting everyone! 

Thanks for reading and keep busy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Houses Mystery Quilt

My garden has been the focus of the last while with peas, brocolli, cabbage and Saskatoon's too. But I have fussy cut out all 16 house units ready for sewing this week.

Did you read the great quilt show on Fairies and Fibers blog?

Happy Quilting everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Painted Quilt- Quilt Along

Yes, I know, you are all shaking your heads and giving me googly eyes, but I just love the work of "The Painted Quilt" and Kaaren Johnson's work is simply gorgeous and even better than all of that, she's a Canadian.

The UFO's will just have to fold their arms over the chest and suck it up, I'm into a quilt along, so there!

Have you not been to Kaaren's blog? Oh my girls, you are missing out big time!

To be totally truthful, it was her cute and stunning little Christmas Wool Pincushion that first caught my attention. Funny how it is with bloggers heh? We are such eye candy hounds really!

But anyway, she's now been asked to create her first line of fabrics and recently she posted this totally cute "House" quilt and now, she is doing a quilt along for this little quilt.

 I have had the 'house' block on my Quilting Bucket List for quite sometime and I thought, oh what the heck, its what I do, lots of quilting!

Plus, in case, you're all flying like a bee in and and signing up for her quilt along, you may miss the very long list of tutorials and free patterns of all sorts, many of these are using a needle and thread by hand, so not so much for the fast flying machine sewers out there. 

This is a photo Kaaren graciously allowed me to post for this quilt along. Join us, its going to be fun and fast!

Happy Quilting you eye candy hounds!

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Oh and while I'm at it, please pop over to visit Tom Miner Quilts and see her "Primitive Peel"


Friday, July 10, 2015

Q3 Finish Along List

This list is ambitious, but why not, its only summer and busy people gets things done!

I'm so glad that On The Windy Side has hosted and lead this great way to Finish Things.
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

This list is my one post of all the quilt tops that I intend to finish, so keep the comments coming, its so great to read what other people think of my quilts. 

Thank you Adrianne! Isn't her banner below so stunning, its from her blog title. It must be a bunch of work to organize this and her crew as well are busy too behind the scenes.

Thank you to all of you who help with choosing the winners for this great little way to get some finishes under your belt. This must an influence from watching the Calgary Stampede on CBC TV is making me talk like a cowboy!

This is a table runner I am making for myself and my home. Its my own design, not too complicated but I decided to make it into a tutorial.

So I made another one of course.

Next up is my version of a Modern Crazy Quilt that is coming along.

Then this is going to be a table runner for my home. It should be simple to finish, just get to it.

Then we have the table cloth that I started back in 2007 and it includes the dark brown tricky, thick upholstery fabric. 

This is my spooky Halloween that maybe will be finished this year.

Then we have this one, I'm not really into this one and it may be taken apart in the sense of removing the Hexies. Somehow, in my mind now, they just don't really look like they are too welcome by the other blocks, you know. I predict this one is going to be the tricky one to finish up.

Then there is "My Oranga Finished Yet?" which has been around so long, its got a name and everything, but still waits.

These little miscillaneous blocks are just hanging around and need to get done!

Something like this lovely blocks from Sujata Shah's book, Cultural Fusion Quilts.

Yes, this is ambitious, but doable in a quarter, that gives me 3 whole months to complete these and it will feel so good to just get them done!

This links up with Q3

Happy Quilting everyone!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hexie Pathways

I've been preparing to do Karen's Quilt Along on her "Empire" pattern from the blog Fairiesand

I got ready with some prepared hexie's and off to the cool riverside to stitch.
I made two sets to work on, one using ancient purple from 1990 paired up with scraps from Dr. Suess fabric.
On the second piece I was brave enough to use printer paper and made a larger hexie template for 1.5 in. Hexie. I love the color for the second way better. Black print from the Miscelleny collection from Cloud 9 Fabrics paired with lime green spotted fabric from a series of fat quarters picked up somewhere.

I've purchased some gorgeous fabric from Cottage Quilting in Kelowna.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hourglass Blocks

Hello folks,

I sure hope that my stack of "wip" are not boring anyone?

Do tell me?

What techniques are you wanting see?

These photos show the stack I'm still working on and a very long table runner where I used the left over blocks from Burkley's quilt.

Working through this stack is actually relaxing. What are you working on?

A little crazy quilt

This little piece is coming along. I want it to be a total secret when its done.

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Finishes so far

Well, I picked a super huge bunch of fresh strawberries and wished I had time to quilt today, but that was just not on the list for today. But just had to share a photo of these lovely yummy deliciousness!

Now, when I started getting ready to participate with Adrienne's Finish Along, I was slightly blown away with my progress so far!! Thank you Adrienne for your kind comments and enthusiasm for getting things finished!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

A slight side bar, here, I follow Adriennes blog and when I noticed her little "Finish Along" button, I was thinking "Ya, I can do that! It will help me stay motivated." But little did I realize that this "2015 Finish Along with Adrienne at On the Windy Side" actually had prizes and fun stuff like that going on. Well, I was shocked by that I think deep down, it made me want to show off and finish things for REAL!

This was finished as of April 6, 2015 and it made many people smile a smile a mile wide. I was really tickled to have the lovely Jennifer of do the machine quilting for me.

Then as I mused along my way, I found that I had finished even more, so I think just having Adrienne's button on my own blog helped me more to stay motivated!!

Next up are two t-shirt quilts that Elizabeth had tonnes of patience with me on as these came in the flow at a very challenging time and she loves them both. I understand that the 'Boys' loved them too!

I was really glad to have this fun bag done and finished, it was a great pattern from Noodlehead. thanks Anna!

And then I made real strides with the long awaited finish of the Midnight Over the Oasis pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs.

 If you'd like to read more about my process of how I made this pattern my own, pop over to the post on my funky applique flowers came about and the innovative leaf fabric used. I* made one of trademark borders in Chevron's in this post.

This post is really the best, the final link up.

And then we cannot forget the last finish of May, with this cute little Denim Hourglass Baby Quilt in for Burkley. I made it with the rugged lifestyle his parents live and believed that denim would be touching his Baby Tootie fairly soon.

They loved it!!

And then if you can believe it, my sister sent me a finished photo, but don't seem to have it, but this is the table runner I made for my sister in the process. I mailed it in time for her birthday and didn't get a last photo to share.

This little table runner turned out really nice and it was in the bin for quite a while!!

So these are finished projects of 2015 so far and I'm carrying on to the next quarter list.

Are you going to play with Adrienne and do some finishing? If it helped me get off my duff and make it happen, then you can too sweetie, just do it!

Happy Quilting,


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