The Painted Quilt- Quilt Along

Yes, I know, you are all shaking your heads and giving me googly eyes, but I just love the work of "The Painted Quilt" and Kaaren Johnson's work is simply gorgeous and even better than all of that, she's a Canadian.

The UFO's will just have to fold their arms over the chest and suck it up, I'm into a quilt along, so there!

Have you not been to Kaaren's blog? Oh my girls, you are missing out big time!

To be totally truthful, it was her cute and stunning little Christmas Wool Pincushion that first caught my attention. Funny how it is with bloggers heh? We are such eye candy hounds really!

But anyway, she's now been asked to create her first line of fabrics and recently she posted this totally cute "House" quilt and now, she is doing a quilt along for this little quilt.

 I have had the 'house' block on my Quilting Bucket List for quite sometime and I thought, oh what the heck, its what I do, lots of quilting!

Plus, in case, you're all flying like a bee in and and signing up for her quilt along, you may miss the very long list of tutorials and free patterns of all sorts, many of these are using a needle and thread by hand, so not so much for the fast flying machine sewers out there. 

This is a photo Kaaren graciously allowed me to post for this quilt along. Join us, its going to be fun and fast!

Happy Quilting you eye candy hounds!

I'm linking up with TNTN for WIP Wednesday

Oh and while I'm at it, please pop over to visit Tom Miner Quilts and see her "Primitive Peel"



  1. I love Kaaren's patterns also and couldn't resist joining in. Now just to choose some fabrics. Can't wait to see everyone's quilts.

  2. You are just as terrible as my best friend who is also my quilting-partner-in crime:) I will be checking this out. I have a penchant for houses! Well, they are on my bucket list. They look super cool those houses!

  3. textilestitches@gmail.comJuly 15, 2015 at 1:16 PM

    LOVE the houses quilt! Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday,Carli!

  4. you are just too busy, girl! I think you may have more ufo's than I do


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