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Thrifting Upcycled Clothing

When I completely opened my mind to the possibilities of upcycling I was instantly in love. I have many items that once they were washed, they became too small. Just having fun is where it is at.  This started out as a t-shirt that was a a special t-shirt. You  know the one I like to wear working in the back yard or going camping. It had a statement on the front that had become stained from years of wear. And upcycling saved it from disposal. I added all sorts of lace, bits and pieces of new cotton and Voila! Thanks for popping in and reading what I'm up to these days. I am in springtime full on, with higher than normal hot days for this time of year. Leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like to read more about my journey of upcycling? Happy Quilting, sewing, stitching etc!