Thursday, June 16, 2016

Diskopunk - Antonio America

Hello fellow movers and shakers of what you have to shake!

i have some fav's when it comes to dance music and this one, is more manageable for older joints.

At least we can try!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Catching up on Quilty 365

Hello folks!

Happy Summer to everyone. 

I feel like I've been dwelling inside a mushroom lately with all the family stuff going on, its been a tad busy! But you knew, sooner or later, I'd be back in the saddle again, blogging and designing again. I want to share the various mumbling I've had over the past months and all the craft related fun I've been having anyway!

This new shrug of mine looks  better on me, but I'm not so hot taking photos of myself yet. So you get the idea. I found the pattern in 2016 Spring issue of a crochet magazine bought at The Wool Shop in Victoria and sadly can't connect with that magazine right now, so I can't share the designer. This shrug is very easy to do and lovely to wear, very snugly and its adjustable to fit your measurements. 

If you click on the link on the word shrug, you'll visit a site with loads more of crochet patterns that keep calling me back to crochet. Also, you can visit the page in Pinterest and see all of my boards there. I have listed this crochet shrug of one big granny square under Clothes I Want to Make.

Maybe you are familiar with this pattern and can share the designer's name in comments!

I pulled out my Sashiko Sockeye project that I did with European designer using her paper pieced bowls pattern. Regina Grewe is outstanding in the paper piecing feild and do encourage you to visit her site!

Ideas are always welcome on background suggestions for my fish!

You know how you go through phases of development and learning all the time. Your own styles and preferences do come to play after quilting for this long. I've decided I really like thread painting, crazy quilting and English Paper Piecing. So you're going to see a lot more of this type of blog posts coming up.

I started doing Quilty 365 as an exercise in getting my hands ready again to do extensive hand stitching. I wasn't committed to the project or anything like that, but over time its becoming a summer quilt for our bed.

I soon realized that some of my Hexie Flowers from other projects could find a home in this new quilt.

I have pulled out the two blocks from summery feeling couple of Snowball Blocks to decide on where they are going.

And then again, I'm waiting with baited breath for Karen's Quilt Along from Faeriesandfibres blog. These three fabrics are forming the main background for the various funky stuff going into the quilt Karen's making for the quilt along. Where can I go with these colors from here is how I often start all of my projects. I like to mull over auditions from my stash to mix and match and find just the right combination for me.

Lets end off this post with some crazy quilting! This is a close up of My Purple Quilt that is in a private collection.

Happy Quilting Everyone, talk to you all soon again!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Parov Stelar - Ragtime Cat ft Lilja Bloom (Lunch Break)

I've been struggling to get motivated for exercise lately, I admit it.

Its really hard to do the daily's of life with all its complexity. I discovered the bouncy beat of dancers online while helping my son one day. His life is filled with active music, he's thin though thinks he's got a few pounds to loose anyway!

As we get older, we age, yes we do and suddenly parts of me that used to react, now complain! I have read bloggers who promote fitness and many of them refer to motivational music to help you relax and get into the zen of exercise. For me, the last thing I need to do is relax about my exercise routines. I need something jazzy and music with a good beat. 

Please watch this dancer Parov Stelar doing his thing and maybe it will help promote you to get up and dance!

Happy dancing everyone, I'm back home soon and will have a campfire post for you, take care!

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