Monday, March 16, 2020

Happiness Quilt Finished!

As you know, this fun quilt began coming together in the early days of 2017.

I did start hand appliquing the Dresden Plates on to their respective back ground fabric in early 2014.

Having made these colorful Dresden Blocks many years before this as I wrote about back in a post I auditioned the potential backgrounds. Some of the background block fabrics were shirt material from nearly new men's attire at the thrift shop and the red print was organic cotton from Cloud9 Fabrics.

Many, many hours of hand appliquing the Dresden Plates to their backgrounds. I did some with new fabric and others in vintage fabric.

But slowly but surely, this quilt is coming along and its been a nice project to realize is actually close to being a flimsey, I carried on, determined to get the blocks out of my drawers and into a project. 

These Scrappy Dresden Plates were more of the scraps I've used up over several decades.

I began cutting and storing small scraps into the variety of Dresden Fan pieces in the mid 1990's. It was just what I chose to do with my small scraps. I knew that I love making hand applique in this shape, so you know....

I chose to use up fabrics that keep hanging around my sewing room from other other projects. You know the kind I mean?

The green pine cone fabric from Winter projects from the past. And the blue eggs print is very specific to farming so it went into the mess too. I have estimated that the whole top does need to be a wee bit bigger to fit our king size bed.

I began hand quilting mid November 2019.

I completed hand quilting on January 23, 2020. Truth be told, we started using as soon as the hand quilting was complete.

I always sew a running stitch along tge squared off edge before I sew on the binding. So that helped keep the edge on good order while loved sleeping under it each night. Toasty!

This quilt is finally done and has become a well loved quilt, measuring 115 in. by 98. It hangs over on three sides of our bed.

Yeah for completion!!

Thrifting Your Closet

When I was a wild Bohemian chick living on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, I was dirt poor. I worked, but the cost of living for a 'worker' in a tourist destination was heavy, food costs were even more, housing costs even more and basically, you have to go into the forest to live.

I was leery of dark, wet forests with huge skunk cabbage with razor sharp stems. Mud is a dark chocolate with a squishiness not found anywhere else.

I hiked along Long Beach, now a National Park, found two paralell giant Cedars long embedded into the the sand of the long beach facing the Pacific. I erected and secured a big tarp and settled in. Soon people discovered my little home and helped by using their chainsaw to cut out several flat areas, one became my bed and the other a seating area. Many a good time was had that summer, music, freedom and living off the land, it was a myth, but one I still aspire to today.

What I learned from this way of life, was the everything had a disposal cost. I washed my clothing with some hot water from my firepit and cold water from a nearby creek. I scrubbed my hand and hung on line between two trees. I slept with the crashing waves all the time and if a hungry cougar had wondered by, I would never have known!

All the food I bought had a package and these packages were cleaned and stored until I was in town to dispose of them, but they were still plastic and knowing now what I know about plastic, its a shame it was ever invented.

But to be fair, I lived there only one summer and by the time I left, pink flagging tape had begun to be seen along the roadways and the human strod pathways were turned into concrete steps and pathways and parking lots. The beach had become a National Park. That was the end of beach life for me.

Thrifting along in my life, that Bohemian way of thinking didn't leave me and I turned into a frugal, immovative wife with youngsters raised by homeschooling and now they are productive citizens, working and thrifting themselves.

Today, thrifting is a business to many and even more important than ever to do.

Today, I am still enjoying sewing and thrifting my way in life.

Hoping little wee Bohemian lifestyle was interesting to you. Happy Quilting!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Create Caring Thru Quilts

Well, I'm sure you have all heard we are in a Global Pandemic and I do present a weakened immune system with asthma during these trying times. 

I am staying home.

I never really liked shopping in the first place. Really, I know it may sound weird but buying produce and goodies at the open air farmer's market is my preferred way of doing things. If I was buyjng fabric, I love that, but really I don't really need to go anywhere.

I am.makinng face masks for my family though. Highly recommend yoh consider making some. Search online for "face mask pattern craft passion"

Thud sunny Sunday was gorgeoys blue skies but a brisk cold wind kept me inside today. And I actually finished my most recent "caring" quilt for a friend of ours who has had his own battle with the flu, he became critical verh sokn, we fearsd the worse and he came back. 

This little quilt began 2018 when I participated with an online Maps Challenge. My thinking took me down trails, then trees and then onto my slash and dash technique in four seasons of birch trees.
I began this Sunday with taping my backing to my extended dining table. I like Tuck Tape for this purpose. Its sticks and doesn't come off when you tighten the backing for batting. I did half of quilt on one taping, then made adjustments to roll the quilt carefully and re-taping, and pinning. This method works but is slightly time consuming because of the adjustment.

To help ease towards a quick completion, I decided a two inch separation straight quilt seam from diagonal to opposite corner. Is this how you may start, tell me your quick machine quilting version?

I have used this black fabric steeo speaker cover for decades. It can hold alot of binding prepared. Its one of my simplifued sewing habits, using scraps for this purpose.

Rusty was certain we were bbqing with the table topper and all. 

She displayed her dissappointment.

Simply fast was how this eventually came together. I will make a label and get it into the mail this week.
Missy was pooped after a busy work day wearing my newly made reflector coat for dogs. Rusty doesn't mind sharing her bed with Missy only!

Stay healthy everyone!!

Crazy Heart

I love my sister and she is my all time best support in quilting.

I started this quilt center more than 5 years ago, in our lovely woodland riverside property of Northern B.C. I absoloutely love hand piecing, hand embroidery and hand embellishment.

This began inside with the heart applique on the rich rust colored satin.

Along the way, a little of this and a little of that, I made my way. I have come to realize that I do mostly improv in all my quilting!

Easy peasy heart shape filled with strips of a favorite color group.

Then I cut the satin fabric away and began filling the surrounding area with crazy bits and stitching.

I love taking my quilt tops outside to experience the wind and sun for themselves.

This quilt is an easy beginner to crazy quilting block. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Island Life Projects

I've quietly working away on multiple projects. Some hand work, some machine work and some in between.

Its been a wee bit sad around our home with two friends being ill with similar issues and losing one of them has taken its tole on me.

I get reflective and don't chat much.

I have sewing more clothing for myself. I'm really getting off on it actually!

And our busy girl who goes to work with her Master needed a work gear upgrade which I happily made for her.

Plus springtime is finally happening in the Cowichan Valley. And my shoes with a lift on my left shoe has become the new normal.  I've had to undergo a lot of pain, swelling, repeated injections and I walked with a left a waking cast for nearly 7 months. All in an effort to save the mobility I still have. I have arthritis, asthma and a sciatic nerve that gets pointy and excited really easy.

This new project is scheduled for completion by March 16th. My sweet sister and I are having our annual Girls Get Away. I must present well in my new fashions!!

So this my favorite Jean Jacket getting an overhaul.

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