Happiness Quilt Finished!

As you know, this fun quilt began coming together in the early days of 2017.

I did start hand appliquing the Dresden Plates on to their respective back ground fabric in early 2014.

Having made these colorful Dresden Blocks many years before this as I wrote about back in a post I auditioned the potential backgrounds. Some of the background block fabrics were shirt material from nearly new men's attire at the thrift shop and the red print was organic cotton from Cloud9 Fabrics.

Many, many hours of hand appliquing the Dresden Plates to their backgrounds. I did some with new fabric and others in vintage fabric.

But slowly but surely, this quilt is coming along and its been a nice project to realize is actually close to being a flimsey, I carried on, determined to get the blocks out of my drawers and into a project. 

These Scrappy Dresden Plates were more of the scraps I've used up over several decades.

I began cutting and storing small scraps into the variety of Dresden Fan pieces in the mid 1990's. It was just what I chose to do with my small scraps. I knew that I love making hand applique in this shape, so you know....

I chose to use up fabrics that keep hanging around my sewing room from other other projects. You know the kind I mean?

The green pine cone fabric from Winter projects from the past. And the blue eggs print is very specific to farming so it went into the mess too. I have estimated that the whole top does need to be a wee bit bigger to fit our king size bed.

I began hand quilting mid November 2019.

I completed hand quilting on January 23, 2020. Truth be told, we started using as soon as the hand quilting was complete.

I always sew a running stitch along tge squared off edge before I sew on the binding. So that helped keep the edge on good order while loved sleeping under it each night. Toasty!

This quilt is finally done and has become a well loved quilt, measuring 115 in. by 98. It hangs over on three sides of our bed.

Yeah for completion!!


  1. Yay for completion indeed! And cuddly warmth too. I've always loved Dresden Plate because I remember both of my grandmothers used that pattern. How I wish I had one of those quilts!


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