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Upcycle summer stitching

I've in love with my new backyard. The summer here in Duncan, B.C. is lovely, ocean breezes ripple across the back deck with refreshing scents from the many flowers in bloom right now. The heat wave we had a few weeks ago, while a wee bit of a shock has gone and more normal temperatures have returned say the locals. 1. Its official, I love thrifting, mixing and blending in my clothes to fit my kinda crazy girl personality. And while this is not news to anyone who knows me, it is a new way of looking at what I can do with all my crazy scraps and snippets so small, its a wonder I waste the thread on them. This winter scarf stitched in my own version of Boro Stitching is a fun way to use up all sorts of scraps. Then came two blankets tuned up with more scraps and odd orphan blocks hand stitched onto two halves of one moving blanket, which were donated to the Muddy Boot Prints outdoor children's learning program in Vancouver. Thrifting and stitching a