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A little bit of stitching...

We are helping to tidy up my father in law's home and get him settled into a new home. Its tough, not easy to deal with and we are trying our best to hold down all that we have going on. But thank you for all the kind comments on my spring posts, its been kinda dismal in terms of my stitching, nothing really new, just a bunch of little pages for my weight loss journal. The following pages are some of what I've been mindlessly stitching out the stress of these times. Rusty is aging fast and this is a common view of Rusty whenever we find a shady spot to sit and watch the waves come in. She is 14.5 yrs old this year. We are taking time in small bites to reset our extra busy-ness this summer, elder care and a wedding, its way too busy. Happy quilting everyone. Carli