Crazy Quilting Tutorial

Crazy Quilting Tutorial Starts Here!

I'm not going to say "where" on the block you should start.

But I choose to start in the middle almost 100%.

Then I decide on another color for the 2nd piece. I place good side down on top of one side of the original center piece. Pin it down and sew, clip threads not too close.

Then add another good side down, etc. But this one adds a little pizazz to the block. sew down until you are happy with the new potential shape is created.

The fold over this new section so you can see that a "V" has been created. See where I've put a sticky "STOP" and then you take this yellow section, fold over and see where you are.

The I decided to go to the other side of the new CQ piecing expedition and placed the blue piece in, sew it down, making sure to always cover ANY raw edges.

After the blue is sewn down, pressed, onto the next flowery fabric, again cover all seams, sew it down and press. I am a total believer in sewing it down, I tried doing a block in the field while I was waiting for a fish and so I didn't have a real pressing opportunity and I had to use my fingers to press, well its not going to shown any time soon on my blog!

When I come across another "V" in my work, I use various techniques to cover off these, such as fold over and create another straight new seam or I pin down a curved edge like this one.

And this  ladies and gents is how it goes. The rest of crazy quilting is all about your skill or lack of using all sorts of supplies and doing it your way. That is really the beauty of crazy quilting, its about developing your own style. I'm well into my 20's of actual complete crazy quilted projects. But unfortunately, I didn't take photos of them all until I started blogging.

See how a lovely block can be created and without all those strips. I'm not a fan of strips as it does create something unique, but it tends to keep you on the 'get going, make it fast' kind of mind set and I'm well into loving "slow quilting"

As you can see, this technique is different from what you're seeing out there. 

And my technique is not about going out and buying $$$ worth of nifty supplies. 
I do encourage you to pick up lovely bundles of ribbon, here  where My Sweet Prairie gal, blog friend has started a great Etsy shop and Monika has developed  her own style of dyeing threads etc, you'll be happily blown away for sure!

Here is the complete sewn part of a new block. I've not trimmed this block yet, I  believe it is 12.5 inches on the foundation of muslin, which I'll turn over and trim.

This where I say, "Relax" use clothing to find the excellent choices of fabrics that are really the best for crazy quilting. If you have studied crazy quilts, you'd know that few if any were done with "only" cotton fabric. Many traditional crazy quilts used wool, satin, velvet, feed sacks, clothing scraps and all kinds of textures and kinds of fabric. This is key to a lovely crazy quilt.

This one of mine is known as "Beach House Crazy Quilt" and is currently touring with the International Quilt Festival and its one of only 22 chosen for the O Canada display at this travelling event.

Please take the time to follow me if you love crazy quilting! You'll never find another blog online of real crazy quilting that is fabulous, practical and is focused on reusing for the love and beauty of crazy quilting from clothing.

And don't forget, I'm going to be choosing a day of each week where I post another tip on creating fabulous crazy quilts. you might want to follow me. 

If you are looking for something completely unique as a gift for someone special, someone celebrating something or someone who has passed on, my work in crazy quilting to make you a one of kind wall quilt or cushion cover, don't hesitate to use the "CONTACT" button at the top of this page. Thank you for reading.

All the best,


  1. Thanks! I love crazy quilting. I'm doing some of it on the centennial quilt.

  2. AWESOME!! Crazy Quilts Carli...

    1. I know this is years late, but thank you for taking a look at my work, I've been side barring my blog due to getting my book done, its likely to be finished this year via etsy shop. Please follow my blog in order to keep abreast of news, thanks again and all the best, Carli

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ann, years late, so forgive my tardiness of this response. Thanks for this lovely comment and stay connected, I'm working on my first book.

  4. I have started my first crazy quilt. I am making 10 inch blocks and plan to emblish with decorative stitches. My question is. ...once I have sandwiched my layers how do I quilt it? What do other people do?

    1. Hi Mary,
      I've had issue with Blogger and it caused me to not be able to comment anywhere.

      How's the crazy quilting going? I sometimes put the batting in at the beginning, other times, I don't add the batting until embroidery is all done and then I sash the blocks together.

      I'll do a post on putting a crazy quilt together.


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