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Diva/Crone Fabric Embellisment Stitch Along

Good ideas sometimes come in batches.  You know what I mean, all sorts of great ideas flying around in your head and who has time to act on all of them, so you pick and choose. This project started in my head a few months ago and I needed to learn how a 'stitch along' went. So the easiest thing to do was to jump in a do a quilt along. So I joined up with Carol at Just Let Me Quilt to do her blog hop called "Bowls With Borders" and so do go and check it, it should be a wild and interesting variety of interpretations of her paper pieced pattern called Bowls With Borders.  So this lead me to thinking again about a  blog stitch along and I mused and twisted my mouth in trying to figure out one I'd really like to do was something earthy, spiritual slightly and about empowerment of women!  We women have had a hard time gaining ground in politics, jobs and financial empowerment. But most of all, we are so resilient and provide comfort to many. Our familie

Vacation Stitching-Shoreline Inspiration

Hello folks, I'm home again from our 100 mile vacation. We traveled along the Houston Main Line to Francoise Lake. There we set up our temporary home right on the shores of Francoise Lake. For several sleeps so to speak. We were really ready for some "quiet time off" and we got it. We didn't have to reserve space, book ahead or anything complicated as that! We simple got in our truck and camper setting off without a plan, other than a general destination. LoraLee Resort on Francoise Lake is highly recommended. I was up to favourite "hubby and me time" on the lake, it was so hot and humid! Nice breeze and lots of water, we were having fun!   I'm the "wiener again" as my hubby teases me, he rarely catches the first fish, I usually do! Lots of 'down time' and fires, BBq's and sleep! Of course, I found time to play with my latest crazy quilt. Its a portable project again!~  All of m

Why we are Canadian!

In Canada, we're often referred to as 'those polite people" with our laws that recognize same sex marriages, abortions are available without  question, we're so multicultural that sometime we wonder what our culture really is, but with all the good things and the bad things going on in Canada today, I'm happy to offer this wonderful video, just for those of you who love beer and music and inventiveness and unique style, because we're all of those and so much more! Enjoy!

Our Canada Day

 We decided to take a little drive and check out the wide variety of color in flowers all over the Bulkley Valley these days. We think that everything has benefited from all the rain we've been getting! My husband and I treated ourselves to a waffle cone ice cream cone for the drive.  As you can see, the day is trying to be a great day, but clouds keep on rolling in! Then the roses came alive as we drove, the miles of wild roses kept on coming along!   Happy Canada Day! July 1st, 2012 Carli  

Canadian Birds Quilt & Giveaway

Sometimes, a quilt becomes a statement and its not intentional. It just is what it is, you know? My statement became my dedication to completion. As you may remember, I started this quilt in I think 1997, when I took a great workshop done by friend Louisa Robertson. She taught the "Stack n Whack" technique made very popular in the 1990's and its originator Bethany Reynolds can  be found on this site, I recommend it for in depth look of the Stack and Whack creator. ( Note: if  you click on each photo, you'll get a larger image and then all the photo can be made larger from the roster at the bottom of the new screen, simple click the X to come back and read again:) This is me, with my first outing of my stack and whack blocks. I attended the 1st. Annual Quilters Connection Retreat at a farm in Abbotsford. Our organizers and hosts, Heather, Sue and Trish having a good laugh. Just one of the fabulous quilts by Ursula, one of my roomies and